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Apr 26, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 15?

We parked in Checotah, Oklahoma last night.  We didn't unhook so we could get an early start.  Nancy said the showers were great.

I didn't sleep well, but I made up for it in the truck, today, on the drive.

Parts of I40 in Oklahoma were enough to shake my teeth loose.  Then, the wind got steadily worse blowing very hard.  When we stopped for gas, Nancy couldn't open the driver side door and had to get out on the passenger side.  I got out, but I didn't like the wind.  It was scary.  I wanted to go back in right after I peed...didn't care if I walked.

Nancy was telling me that she'd know she was in the west when she saw the big windmills.  She no sooner said it, and there they were.  She tried to take a picture while driving by, but we don't know if it came out.

We saw a lot of black angus cows and wide open spaces.  Big huge ranches and farms.

We got a glimpse of Oklahoma City and drove over the bridge that collapsed a number of years back.

Then, we saw white birds about the size of pigeons with long necks in a few different spots.  They were funny looking.  Oh, and there was this huge cross off to the side of the road.  Nancy said she remembered it from the time she and Rich took I40 out west.

Nancy called the number in Arkansas about the ticket.  The officer said she could pay it over the phone.  The lady she spoke to said, "Call me back in at least two weeks--we have a backload.  It will be $140."  What a rip off.  Nancy said that it was definitely a speed trap and they catch out of town people to make money.

It was a long ride, but we got here to the KOA in Amarillo.  As soon as we pulled up, Nancy said, "Jack, Rich and I were here before you were born."  There's a little airport in the back where we can watch the planes and big fields to play in--Lizzie used to love them.

So before she even hooked up, Nancy took me to the "Dog Playground", but it was for little dogs.  She'll probably take a picture of it, later.  Then, what a treat!  She took me out in the field and played ball with me.  Then, we went back and she hooked everything up.  I was tuckered out from riding and playing.

I think we're going to stay here another day because it's so nice for me.

Well, Blogger is giving me a hard time.  Lizzie used to run out of the room whenever Nancy sneezed.  She knew why, but I didn't, but I figured I'd better run, too.  That's hard in the trailer.  Nancy has either caught a cold or the wind has been blowing something that is making her sneeze like crazy.  I have no place to run, but I tried two different sleeping arrangements.
Neither worked.  I'm back on Nancy's bed.


  1. Jack you are SO photogenic...Great snaps.
    M & J

  2. Ya, there's nothin' like a flash in yer face every time I try to catch 40.


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