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Apr 20, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 9

Sunny day, today.  We were trying to decide where to go next, last night, but we have to keep an eye on the weather system that's headed this way before we decide.  An old friend once said to me, "When you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there."
(This is a note from Nancy) We just got back from exploring.  When I checked email there was an email from Meghan saying that her Mom shattered her shoulder.  She'd just beat another serious illness with as much courage as anyone I've ever seen. I've never known someone who handled an illness with such grace, dignity, and compassion for those around her. I hope everyone, even those who don't know her will pause to think of her and send healing thoughts her way.

We started off the day with our usual walk.  It has been a beautiful sunny, not too hot day, but too sunny to wax the trailer.  So, after our walk, Nancy sat outside to read while I snoozed.
We went on a ride to the country and we found Village Creek State Park.  We checked in with a ranger and he told Nancy about a loop hike.  So, off we went.

It was a very pretty ride to the park.  We went on a bunch of country roads and saw a lot of cows and goats, and men working very hard in their fields.  Then, I spied this, and thought my brothers and sister would want to see ! it. Earle has a population of 1602 people.
We were actually looking for Parvin Archeology State Park, but never found it.  Then we saw a sign to Louisiana Purchase State Park so we drove some more.  The GPS said you have arrived and we were looking at an empty field.  So, we turned around and started back because we had seen another sign--Village Creek.
We both had to go to the bathroom, so Nancy took care of me, first, and then went to the visitor center where they said they had a bathroom, but I was not allowed in. Harrumph! They even went so far as to say that Nancy could tie me to the fence outside.  I figured I'll fix them.  I barked and screamed as loud as I could the entire time she was inside.  She knew I would so she didn't yell at me when she came out.  While she was in there, they had a display of animals.  I won't post all the pictures, but I kind of liked the fox and the wild cat the most.
(My Grandmother would have had a fit if she read this--she hated for anyone to use the word "she", but I don't know what else to use.  She used to say "She's the cat's Mother" and Nancy said no one really knew what it meant--especially little kids.  My Grandmother was a stickler for courtesy, so it must have sounded wrong to her not to use someone's name.) 

We didn't realize how far we had gone, so we had a long drive home, but it was a nice drive.  I couldn't wait to go to sleep once we got to the trailer so as soon as I could, I hit my favorite spot back under the table.
We're going to miss the river when we leave.  It's so nice to have such a view when you wake up and when you go to sleep and in between.  It has slowed down a lot--no more logs (or bodies) floating past.