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Mar 31, 2010

Premature Adventure

Well, we haven't even left, yet, and I got in trouble this morning. My human took me to the nature center. It's a beautiful spring day so how could I resist the creek?

Whoa, she was mad, but that's only the beginning. Somehow while I was clowning around I got my foot stuck in my collar. Ut oh. Don't tell her, but she's not the most graceful human--she took her shoes and socks off, rolled up her pants, and climbed (crawled) in to help me. Then, she (crawled) back up the bank through the mud yelling that she was going to brain me. I followed her, but my leash got caught between two rocks so she had to come back down--she said that it was her fault, she shouldn't have left it on me (but it didn't help my case, any). The only problem is, is that we're in a leash only area, but no one is ever in the woods when we go. She'll take it off from now on. I think the leash only law means that there has to be a human on the other end, anyway.
Well, I guess things could have been worse, she could have just left me there. We're home, now. She needs a bath worse than I do--she smells like a swamp! Ewww... We didn't have a camera with us, but the picture is one that was taken while we were camping and we had a similar incident. The feet belong to my friend, Sean, who had just finished cleaning me off after a similar incident in the mud.
Sean also cleaned Lizzie , Molly, and Jazz off, too. You've heard of the "Dog Whisperer"? Well, that day, Sean was the "Dog Washer".


  1. Wowee! Already adventuring. Way to go. Sounds like fun.

  2. LOL! In that one photo, I swear Jack is smiling for the camera!

  3. Jack is a dog of many expression. What a nice surprise that you stopped by, Happy Trails. I hope you'll read some of the adventures we had on our trip, together. It was a learning experience, and we went to so many pretty places. I'm sorry I wasn't more detailed in some parts of the blog, but we were out enjoying incredible places. If you have a blog, please let me know so I can follow you and put you on my bloglist. Again, thanks for stopping by.


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