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Apr 13, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 1?

We're all set.  Just waiting for traffic to die down and then we're taking off.  Only a few panic moments this morning.  Nancy couldn't find her keys.  Thought maybe she had left them in my Sis's car, but a quick call to the hospital dashed that.  Running around the house like crazy--where on earth could they be. Light over her head goes on--could it be?  Could it be that she left them in the trailer door?  Yep.  There they were. Good thing we live in a safe neighborhood.

We just got back from a walk. I inspected all around the truck and the camper, and it seems like she's covered everything.  Just has to put the computer in and ME!  Oh, don't forget me!!!
She's happy, but there are tears--what's with women, anyway.  Good call.  Sis may be able to fly out to Flagstaff for 5 days or so in June and we can all go see the north end of the Grand Canyon.  Nancy said it's one of the prettiest drives over there.  Flagstaff is like the heart of Route 66, too.  She and my Rich took Lizzie and me to a concert in the city park and I had a blast. There's also a museum that they said was lots of fun, but Lizzie and I weren't allowed in there.  It was cool enough for us to sleep in the car so that was okay.

Well, I'll sign off for now.  The campground that we're headed for, Tims Ford in Tennessee, doesn't have wifi so I'm not sure if I'll be able to report in tonight.  See ya!

Well, we did okay.  It wasn’t a really long drive because we stopped so many times, and I got to smell so many places.  I could tell that Nancy was a little teary about leaving home, but seemed at ease driving-- even up Mont Eagle, our first big hill.  She ate lunch at a rest stop and I had a snack.  We went in and out of Georgia once or twice.  I64 is a very nice drive—pretty scenery.  We found the campground (Tims Ford State Park) without getting lost, and the only sites were back-ins.  Nancy kept her cool, though, and did fine.  We were set up in no time.  We sat outside while she read a book and I watched all the kids playing.

The lady at the campground was very nice.  She said when we leave that we should turn left out of the park and take another road (50, I think) to I64 west because it’s such a pretty road.

Then, we took a ride to Winchester, a nearby town and had a look around to see what we want to do, tomorrow.  When we got back we walked all over the campground.  A little girl wanted to hold my leash and was insistent that she hold it by herself and was not happy when Nancy said no!

I’ve been napping for a while, but we’re going for another walk—the last of the night.  We bought a brand new good quality flashlight, and we just discovered that we left it home so we’ll have to pick one up on the way.

It was good to talk to everyone on the phone.  We’re getting a lot of moral support.  That’s good because we need it.  I told Nancy that everything will be okay—we’ll get into the swing of the trip and do just fine and see some really great things.  We’re excited to hear that Sis may be able to squeeze 5 days when we are out near Phoenix, so we can go see the north rim of Grand Canyon.  Nancy was telling me that while the canyon is fascinating, the ride to the canyon was what she remembered the most—she and Rich had spent a wonderful day together and had a picnic on the Kaibob plateau.   

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