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Apr 14, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 3?

Well, surprise, surprise, I'm 50 feet from the Mississippi watching the barges go by.  Everything changed--never know what Nancy's going to do.

Last night was a restless night for me.  I usually sleep with Nancy, but I guess I started to think of Lizzie and I wanted to sleep where we used to sleep, together.  I whined just a little in the middle of the night and showed Nancy what I wanted to do.  She said, "Okay, c'mon old boy, I'll move the stuff out of your way.  I understand."  I don't know how much longer it was before I decided I'd go back to sleep with Nancy so I got down and whined a little more.  She moved her feet and said, "Okay, old boy, make up your mind.  I understand"

We were both wide awake early this morning and on the trail about 6:15 CST.  It was beautiful--the birds were singing their hearts out, and I know we heard some deer, but just didn't see them.  We walked all around and finally got to those steps, again, and went up.  Nancy was just about finished hooking up, so we took off for "David" Crocket State Park.  We took the ride that the nice lady in the office told us to take, and it was beautiful.  I don't think I've ever seen so many barns. We couldn't pull over to take pictures because it wouldn't have been safe.  Before we knew it, we were in David's territory.  It was at that point that Nancy said, "Jack, you wanna go to the Mississippi, instead?"  Well, we were on a beautiful road, then it turned into some other kind of road--easy driving, but not quite as pretty.  We were in and out of Tennesse, Alabama, and Mississippi so many times that we had a hard time believing that we would wind up in Arkansas!  We even saw where Helen Keller was born.  It's just drop dead gorgeous, here.  Nancy took a few pictures of barges, but there are some of me lounging around that aren't out of the camera, yet.  So, I'll just post the ones that are ready.  Since we're so tired, I may add to this, tomorrow.  Good night, everyone.
Before I forget, we are at Tom Sawyer Campground, a place where Rich always wanted to go.  We decided we'd go for him.  He really would have liked it here.  We miss him so much.  My brothers and sister call every day.  They would like it here, too.  We need to get one more walk in, and it's getting dark and chilly out.  More, tomorrow.  We'll be here for a few days.


  1. Nice to think of you "just down river". If I could get away from Princess I'd float down and join in the fun. Wish we were out traveling.

  2. Teddy, just bring Princess, along!! How far down the river are we? I've decided to stay here until around the 21st. Susan is going to mail my prescriptions here. Depending upon how they are going, maybe I could meet up with Princess and Wilson wherever they stop the 1st night on their way to Santa Fe--isn't there a song that goes something like that?

  3. Looks like a great place for you, ol water lover. Have you tried to jump in yet? Be careful not to let Nancy see you thinking about it or she'll put that ugly green vest on you. What we want to know is, how come you get to travel and we have to stay home with the boys?

    Nic and Mac

  4. Nic and Mac,

    Is that not the MOST embarrassing thing you ever saw? When and if I can get to the water I'll be gone like a flash and she won't be able to catch me. There's a nice field where I can play ball, but I heard her mumble, "He may catch site of the water. Can't do it." There are also some ponds around here--there aren't any gators in Arkansas, right?

  5. I don't think there are gators in Arkansas. You could leave Tom Sawyer with a new WAC nickname, "Stumpy"

    Nic and Mac

  6. I'm telling your mother youse guys. That's not very nice. Nancy said she's more worried about snapping turtles.


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