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Apr 27, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 16

We just decided to stay for another three days, here. There is absolutely no wind this morning and the weather is beautiful.
We walked and took a lot of pictures this morning.  Nancy thinks we're either in the spot or very near the spot she and Lizzie stayed in with Rich.

I already got to play ball, this morning, I can walk all around without my leash.
Some would say this park is ugly, but this morning, we have discovered rabbits as big as dogs, some prairie dogs, some unusual birds that have picked one tree as their favorite spot. In the second picture, there's a nest.  A mother bird is sitting on her eggs, but Nancy couldn't get a good shot of it.

The herd of cows that we saw last night is in a different spot this morning.
Nancy was telling me that when she stayed here in 2000, Rich told her that the cows were having a sales meeting. He was so funny.

We've seen a couple of little planes take off from the strip in back of us, but we've also seen some jets so there must be an Air Force base nearby.
We love watching the trains.  I was also watching some kids on the swings this morning.

This afternoon, we went to pick up some things from the store and we stopped at the Quarter Horse Museum--it's not open, yet, but they had some neat sculptures.

Nancy said she's going to rest and think, here. Then we will go on to Albuquerque to see Roseanne. They kept in touch up until a couple of years ago. Then, you know how it goes, but she was so happy to hear Roseanne's voice and to rekindle the friendship.  

Sometimes Nancy just keeps to herself.  This is sort of one of those times. She said she's going to take pictures of me because Rich walked Lizzie all over the field that I play and run in.
I'll have you know I was called a great dog, again, this morning.  We went up to sign the receipt for tonight and Nancy left me standing at the door outside.  The lady thought it was great that I stayed right where I was told--fact is I DO NOT want to lose Nancy.  Who would ever be so good to me, again? Well, Susan, of course, but she's far away from me right now.  Besides, it's a two way street. I'm good to Nancy. We have long conversations when we're traveling and I keep her company on her walks.

Well, we've had a busy afternoon. We went to the book store so Nancy could get a couple of books she wanted. We were looking for the little thingy that holds the lens cover on, but couldn't find it in any of the stores we went to. Nancy's going to look up a specialty camera shop online. She looked at the GPS and it said the nearest one was over 300 miles away--that's because she didn't know the name and could only put camera.  Best Buy, Office Depot, another office place, Walmart, nor Target had them.

Nancy decided to quit when she kept finding things in the aisles that she thought she could use.

The man from the office just came down here in his golf cart and asked if we were having a nice time and told us just to call him if we need anything. That was nice. He said, "I'm not going to put any people near you so you can have some peace and quiet and enjoy your stay. Nancy had told him that she and Rich had been here before I was born.

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