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Apr 24, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 13

Well, we made it through the night.  We hit the shelter about 3 a.m. and left at 6 a.m.  Susan called us about 5 a.m.  It was storming in Atlanta, too!  Now that we're safe, we're worried about everyone in Atlanta.  They are going to have a night of wild weather which is when it is the worst because you can't see where it's coming from.  Yazoo City just got hit, badly, but they haven't assessed the damage, yet.

We went for a walk twice between thunder storms this morning.  We can't go on the trail, yet, because it's too muddy, and Nancy does't want to slip and slide!

The lady next door is very friendly.  She travels with two little dogs; Tucker and Tillie.  Then, there's another lady on the other side of her who travels in a Class C with her little dog. (why does everyone have little dogs?)  We've met her, but Nancy didn't know she was traveling solo. We'll see more of her, today, and Nancy is going to tell her about the WAC group.  That means I'll have to make friends with the other pups since maybe they'll belong to the "dog WACS".

Nancy will probably take some pictures, today.  Right now, I want to get outside.  I'm tired of staying in the trailer.  See you later.

When we were walking this morning, we came across a huge puddle.  I stopped and I looked up at Nancy and I knew she was thinking the same thing.  Lizzie would have been in that puddle in a flash digging away--having so much fun, and I would have followed her.  I didn't go in it.  It's not the same without her.  I sure hope there are lots of puddles where she and Rich are walking.

Well, it's afternoon, now, and we took another walk, and then sat outside.  The wind is so strong that it dried everything up in no time.  Nancy read her book, and a nice lady came by and told her to be at the club house at 5 p.m. for a pot luck supper.  She said she only needed to bring a drink, but fortunately, Nancy had been to the grocery store, yesterday, and had an apple pie, some cold slaw and a lemon pepper chicken.  She'll bring those over along with some silverware, etc.

I think she'll probably meet the other lady who is traveling solo.  I think I'm going to have to stay in the trailer.  I don't mind as long as I know Nancy's coming back.  She'll take me for another walk on the trail before she goes, I'm sure, so I'm doing a happy dance.  Nancy put a pot outside when we were going over to the shelter to see how much more it would rain.  It was full when we came out.
She tried to get a picture of how blue the sky is, but her camera couldn't capture it--it was a dark blue!

Now, we just have to worry about our family and friends in Atlanta.  We're hoping the bad weather will be finished before it gets to Georgia.
Oh, good, going for a walk on the trail.  Yipee!!


  1. Hey Jack, tell Nancy we enjoyed the pix. It looks like a nice park. Any pot luck leftovers for you? Glad you missed the bad weather. Too bad about the time in the shelter. We would not have enjoyed that at all. Keep posting.
    M & J

  2. Hi Jack,
    Princess and I were in the basement this afternoon as all the tornado sirens were wailing. We were fine, but turns out less than a mile from us three houses were damaged and all the power lines were down. Good thing you didn't run up here to get away from the weather!

    And that puddle, Nancy was probably thinking....where's the life jacket when we need it??

    I thought about that because we got an REI catalog today, and we know Nancy is the REI Queen. The ad for K-9 life jacket had YOU as the model wearing a RED AND BLACK jacket, not that insulting green thing she bought for you!

    Hang on, we'll be joining you soon and Tucker, Bailey and I will have you glad you are traveling!!!


  3. M&J, Thanks for keeping in touch. I miss you guys so much. No leftovers for me. I'm not allowed to eat people food--well, just wait until they want one of my cookies!

    Teddy, I can't wait to see you, Tucker, and Bailey. As far as the life preserver--I know the color is obsene, BUT it was the only extra large they had at REI and Nancy waited untilthe last minute to get it instead of ordering from the catalog like she usually does.

    I'm glad you are alright. We didn't have sirens, here, so at least you have warnings where you live, but it's still a bummer to be confined the basement, isn't it? Glad no one was hurt in your area--damage can be fixed.

    I overheard them talking on the phone, and Nancy was looking on the map to see where St. Louis is from where we are. She made a good decision to stay here.

    See you soon, pal.


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