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Apr 22, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 11?

Well, we're pooped tonight.  We drove more back roads than expected over to where we are in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  There is bad weather to the west of us, so we're watching very carefully.  We know we're going to be here until Saturday, but we just heard that there will be severe weather in Arkansas tomorrow. John has been calling and has advised us to go to a motel if it gets rough, tomorrow, because the tornadoes aren't going to hit until tomorrow night--I just heard that on the weather channel, too.  We'll probably go into town and reserve a room in the morning just in case.

I hated to leave the river.  We had such a good time there.  Nancy snapped a quick picture of a girl named Andrea who was smitten with me and very nice to Nancy.  She worked in the office.  The picture is not clear, but I want to post it, anyway.
I hope I get to see her again.

Once Nancy hooked up, I waited in the trailer while she showered, and then we said goodbye to our neighbors and headed out.  Mostly, we went through farming country, today.

There were so many things to take pictures of, but it's too dangerous to pull over.  We did get a couple, though.  One is of fields that had these weird plowing rows--all curving and no apparent pattern.  We had never seen anything like them before.  Then, we started to see huge fields that were flooded with water, but it looked like they were farming something.
We stopped to eat lunch in England, Arkansas.  We ate in the trailer.  Then, we went for a walk and when we got back in the truck we went and got gas.

Nancy set the GPS for no highways, but what we didn't take into consideration was that it would take us straight through Little Rock.  It was interesting, but the most unusual thing that happened is when we were at a light and all of a sudden a lot of people  started running out into the street right in front of cars.  We looked over and saw a policeman in full armor kneeling behind a tree with a rifle.  Then all of a sudden there was a lot of commotion and shouting on the other side of the street. There must have been 30 or 40 policeman all with their guns out and there were dogs that looked just like Nic and a lot of people on the ground in handcuffs--some of them were fighting with the policeman, but the policeman were winning.  Nancy was going to try to get more pictures, but figured it best just to continue and get out of there.  She did get one, but I don't know if you can really get an idea of all the chaos that was going on for a few minutes.  Nancy was so startled she didn't grab the camera until too late.
We think what happened is that the police surprised the people in this building, and they all tried to get away.  We got to see a real live drug bust!!

The last thing I'll say for the night is that the lady next door here travels alone. She is a widow from Casper, Wyoming.  She has a big 5th wheeler.  She says it actually tracks better than a trailer (she had one) behind her truck.  The only thing about it is--where would Nancy put all her "just in case" stuff that's in the back of the truck?

We'll take pictures of the park, tomorrow, and check out Hot Springs.  Good night.


  1. WOW Jack, what an exciting day! Only you and Nancy would see a drug bust and get tornado warnings in the same day!! Never a dull moment for you two.

    Those fields of water were not put there for you to play in, they are rice paddy. It's a good thing Nancy didn't let you out to play, there would have been some very unhappy farm boys after you!

  2. You know, Nancy said the only things they plant in water that she knows of are rice and cranberries. She thought it was odd for them to be in Arkansas, though.

    Yes, only we could get caught in all this stuff. It's a bit unnerving--I can tell that Nancy is a little worried.

  3. Well, never a dull moment! Be safe and watch the skies tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you.

  4. Oh S...t! I knew you two would get into trouble. You turn around and come right home, do you hear me??? Can't let you out of sight for a minute, trouble just finds you........

    talk to you tomorrow, don't get busted in the mean time

  5. So cool. That's what traveling the countryside is all about. It's only cool though when you're an observer and not a participant, I'm of course speaking of the Law Enforcement Chaos. I certainly hope you don't get to experience anything close to a Tornado.


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