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Apr 17, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 6

It’s a cool and breezy day out, today.  Nancy took me for a really long walk this morning.  Sis called while we were walking and they talked for a few minutes, and then she talked to Lisa.

When we came back, Don and Pat were getting ready to leave.  He was playing with me and said he wished he could take me with him.  Uh, I really like you, Don, but I’m staying with Nancy.  He was just being nice, I think.  Had me scared for a minute, though.

I was thinking when I was walking about how when you’re traveling you meet people all by chance—only because you happen to land in the same spot at the same time.  Humans laugh together, sit and talk, take walks and spend a few short hours together doing what no one else in the world is doing, together.  Then, as quickly as they met, they part, almost always saying the same thing, “Maybe we’ll see you down the road.”  The answer is always, “Yes, I hope so.”  I’ve heard it enough times to know that they know they’ll never meet, again, but they are aware that they’ve added something to each other’s lives. Humans are funny animals (no pun intended).

Today, Nancy has to go to the store to get a few things.  She puts a blanket out for me to lie on, and I’m so comfortable that I hope we’re not going too soon.

Charlie stopped by to see me a few minutes, ago.  He said he came by to see his buddy.  Charlie works at the park.  He told us that he’s got a busy day, ahead, he’s going to build a ramp for the husband of one of the ladies who works here—he lost his leg and is coming home, today.  I like Charlie, but if he built the stairs up to the laundry, I hope he makes the ramp a little steadier or the guy will lose his other leg.  The laundry is brand new, but I think some screws need to be tightened. 

There are birds about the size of pigeons all around here, and they make the funniest noise.  They’re not a bit afraid of me—they walk right up almost to my nose.  Guess they know I won’t hurt them.  Nancy’s got a book that John gave her—she can look up what kind of birds they are.  There are also a pair of geese who seem to stay in one of the ponds (not the one I was swimming in). I have to ask Nancy to take a picture of the birds and Charlie.

Several barges have already passed this morning.  Nancy got out the binoculars—and she thinks many of them are pushing oil up the river.  The containers look to be about the size of the oil trucks that we see—whatever it is, it’s covered.  She doesn’t have a strong enough lens on her camera to get in really close to show you what I mean.  She had her binoculars out, too, and the pilot blasted his horn and came out on deck and was waving and acting silly.  Funny.

This morning a big branch was floating down the river.  It looked like something grey was attached to it, keeping it afloat.  I looked at Nancy and I knew what she was thinking--she was white as a ghost.  She’s been reading a murder mystery and I KNOW she thought it was a body.  Upon closer inspection we realized it was actually a whole tree submerged and floating just below the surface.  Nancy’s heart slowed down a bit.  The power of water is amazing, and so is the power of the imagination.

Then, Judy called and after that John, Michael, and Susan.  So, everyone is keeping in touch.  Nancy called her friend Gail to see how Paul is doing with his broken wrist.  He got a PURPLE cast and wants everyone to sign it in gold!!!  There’s a long story attached to the color purple that I won’t get into, now.

Nancy renewed her Netflix account and downloaded a movie called “Boy in the Striped Pajamas”.  It was a good movie.  It’s a trial for three weeks so she’ll keep it while she’s got the wifi, here.

Well, we finally found a nice part of Memphis—it’s called Germantown.  We decided to take a ride after going to the drugstore and post office, but where?  A little voice went off in Nancy’s head (it was me)—put Barnes & Noble in the GPS—there sure aren’t any bookstores around here.  Well, the first one took us to an abandoned mall and we found a misplaced Statue of Liberty, but the second led us to Germantown.

Germantown was a very nice area.  We went to B&N and Nancy picked up a couple of books she wanted.  Then, we wanted to find a hardware store.  So, she put “hardware” in the GPS.  I’m so happy she has this gadget—lord only knows where we’d be if she didn’t.

Nancy thought she left her brand new flashlight at home.  As she was paying, she vaguely remembered putting it in a compartment in the truck.  Oh, no, could this be true?  She got in the truck saying, “It better not be here.”  It was.  I said, “So, okay, keep one in the truck and one in the trailer and give one to Susie when we get home.”  She took my advice.

We headed home and we went straight through the city of Memphis.  Of course we were on the highway, but she managed to get one picture in while we were stopped, we think.  One is a building that looks like a pyramid.  I think Rich told her it is a sports arena.

When we got back to the park, we went for a long walk.  We came back and new neighbors pulled in.  I got into trouble because they had a dog and the man came over and I barked.  Nancy was MAD.  I have been so good, I don’t know why I did it.  She told the man to watch out for the water pressure—it’s very, very strong, here.  Without a water pressure valve, I’m sure we would have blown some pipes.  The guy said, “Thank you”, but was still shocked when he turned it on and thanked us, again.  He saw Nancy with the computer and asked if she’d be willing to give him some fundamental lessons on his Apple.  They’ll sit down, later.  Right now, they have company who pulled in right after they did.

So, maybe another temporary friend.  Maybe not if I don't keep my mouth shut.

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