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Apr 16, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 5?

We got up early this morning and went for our usual walk.  It's nice and cool in the morning.  Some of the barges come very close to the shore. We could almost reach out and touch one this morning.  This tug was probably pushing a dozen barges.
We were going to go into the city, but Nancy decided to do laundry (free) at the brand new laundromat with the big fancy, new front load washers and dryers.  It's only a few hundred feet away.  She thought she was going to go without me, but no deal.  I was going or everyone in the park was going to hear about it.  I've made a lot of friends, here.  The men, mostly, seem to like having me around.  It's strange, but there are no other dogs so I get all the attention.  The man next door offered to babysit for me while Nancy did the laundry, but I wanted to go.  He's in a chair with wheels and I don't suppose he would have enjoyed the ride as I pulled him chasing after Nancy.  While the laundry was doing its thing, Nancy cleaned the camper.  I know my hair is a pain in the neck for her, but I can't help it, and she doesn't complain.  So, once all the chores were done, she said I could go for a swim.  Not in the Mississippi (it's too swift right, now), but there are a couple of small lakes--ponds, really, that I've been eyeing each time we walk.  They're right across the road from our camper. Nancy went to the truck, and out it came--the green thing, but she also had a ball for me.  Oh, how I love my balls!!!  She got it on--I tried not to give her a hard time so it was pretty easy.  When she threw the ball I went jumping off the bank and into the pond.  What fun!

All my new friends were watching me.  Word traveled fast.  I kept bringing the ball back and they'd throw it, again.
Finally, when I was tired, I decided to dry myself off by going between everyone's legs, leaving their pants wet.  Well, if I was going to smell like a swamp, they might as well, too.  Then, they won't notice me.  I had lots of fun, and I hope Nancy lets me do it, again.

While we were at the laundry, we looked out and there was a big ship going by.  We didn't get any pictures--where is the camera when you need it--in the camper, of course.

Well, that was our day, today.  Tomorrow some of our friends are going home to Canada.  Their names are Don and Pat.  We were sitting out with them, earlier.  They live in their 5th Wheeler.  They spend a couple of months in Myrtle Beach, the summer in Texas, and then they go home to Ontario for the summer to get away from the heat.  They are very nice people--we will see them, again, later.  The other couple (the man in the chair with wheels) just got their new motorhome two weeks ago, and they only live about 50 miles from here.  They are going to go to Oklahoma in a month to see her sister who she hasn't seen since her Dad passed away in 1988.  Imagine that.  The man used to be a farmer and he drove trucks when farming was slow.  They just sold their farm and bought the motorhome.  We know all this about them and Nancy can't remember their names!  What else is new?


  1. Jack, sometimes Nancy can't remember her OWN name, what do you want from her? She has to use sign language half the time, and if Gail isn't there to translate......well, you know. We're glad there weren't any other fur people to see you in the green thing. We're sure it made Nancy feel better, but it sure looks ugly. You're a good pup to put up with it for her sake.

    Nic and Mac

  2. WooHoo swimming. We only get to walk through puddles. Too many gators here. You're so lucky Jack. Shake and rub on all the humans you want. We'll always think of you as the handsome devil you are and the swamp smell is Great! Molly and Jazz


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