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Sep 5, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 147?

Seeing Ms. Judy, again, was even better than we thought it would be. Between her directions and GPS, Nancy had no problem finding her house. She has two little dogs and her daughter, Mandy, has two little dogs. Dachshund and dachshund mixes. I didn’t go in the house, but Nancy said they were cute as all get out. I could tell Miss Judy liked me. I think she likes all dogs.

Nancy and she chatted for a while and then Miss Judy showed Nancy her new to her Class C. It’s really nice, and Miss Judy is very handy at fixing it up. We had a devil of a time finding the black tank valve. There was only grey. This was a problem! Nancy thought she saw a valve on the other side of the coach, but thought that that wasn’t possible. She thought maybe the grey emptied into the black, but Judy said that it didn’t. Nancy was looking under the Coach and sure enough, the pipe ran across to the same place she thought she saw the black tank valve. When they went around, it was there! Now Miss Judy can empty the tank! She bought a Flush King like ours. Nancy showed it to her in Arkansas.

One thing Nancy doesn’t like about our trailer is that the pipe comes straight out of the side so gravity is little help to her. Gail and Judy’s tilt down so I imagine they empty better. Plus, if they have an “incident” it doesn’t shoot full force directly at them, it goes toward the ground. Lizzie and I used to pretend we didn’t know Nancy when we first got the trailer; I won’t go into detail.

Miss Judy asked if Nancy wanted to go to the lake; her daughter and her boyfriend have a boat. Since, I couldn’t go, Nancy said she’d feel more comfortable not leaving me. She was concerned that maybe she had interrupted Miss Judy’s plans, but Ms. Judy said she hadn’t planned to go this weekend because the young people party; she only asked Nancy because she thought she would like to go.

We got a tour of Casper, which is a very nice town/city. Everything you could want except the awful traffic that goes along with it, generally. Judy showed us where everything is. The campground is nice for an “Urban Campground”. We need to do laundry and the showers are the individual bathroom type and the water pressure is nice and strong. Nancy arrived back at the trailer this morning put her hands in her hair and realized she hadn’t rinsed the conditioner. She went back out growling, and had to jump in the shower, again.

Nancy already checked two things off her list. She got the truck washed (poor thing really needs to be detailed), and she got two more sets of sheets so we can change them more often. For some reason, they get dirtier in the trailer.

When we got back to the trailer, I had a little problem with my stomach. Nancy tried to give me a pill hidden in a banana. Does she think I’m stupid? I can smell it in there. She wouldn’t take no for an answer and put the pills down and made me swallow them.

Then her stomach wasn’t feeling so hot. She thinks maybe she drank too much Pepsi at the restaurant. She’s got the laundry packed up to go over to the laundry, but wants to make sure I’m okay.

It was Lisa’s surprise birthday party, today. Susie said she really was surprised. Those Turners are a shrewd bunch! They are always doing something fun. I remember that Mrs. Turner used to bake a half of a cake on each grandchild’s six-month birthday. So cute.

Let’s see. What else. Oh, I know. No pictures, today. Nancy just forgot she had the camera, but she’ll see Miss Judy, again. She wants to check to see if she needs the wheels aligned on the truck and get the tires checked on the trailer. Hope we don’t need new ones, but better to be safe than sorry.

It’s almost 3000 miles since we changed the oil, so we’re not sure whether we’ll do that or not, yet. That’s something that can be done almost anywhere.

The Internet is down in the park because of the wind. It reminds us of Texas. It’s warm, in the 80s, here, but it’s supposed to get cold, tonight. Well, that’s all I know for today.