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Sep 16, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 158

We got up early and took a walk, then went to my field. It took Nancy a little longer to hitch up, but we were on our way at 10:30. Nancy couldn't decide the best route home so she decided to let the GPS surprise us. She set it to "No Highways" and put our home address in.

We are in St. Joseph's Missouri. We are very tired. The drive, today, was not as boring as our drive through Nebraska. It may be we just didn't take the right roads to see the more beautiful parts of Nebraska. The drive through Kansas was much more interesting-not spectacular, but somewhat interesting. We just crossed the Missouri River. The campground we're in can hardly be called a campground, but there are restaurants, etc., nearby. The object, at this point, is just to get home as quickly as possible without going on interstates. We'll most likely stay two nights every time we stop--that way we can explore a little and rest in between hitching and unhitching.

No pictures, today. Maybe tomorrow. This is Pony Express country. We may take a ride back to Troy to get a picture of a very pretty sculpture we saw on the move. Obviously, that didn't happen.

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