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Sep 7, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 149?

We have had a welcomed rest at this park. It's quiet even though we're near everything. There's a great dog walk, and the weather has been so nice that we've been able to sit outside quite a bit. We have another night of rest. Miss Judy is going to call Nancy in the morning. Then, we'll find out what time we're leaving.

Waking up from my nap outside.

One thing that Nancy worried about when traveling was that we'd get a flat on the trailer. She went to Stalkups (a big RV Dealer with a store that makes Camping World look small), today, and found something that will ease her mind on the way home. If you have a flat, you loosen the lugs while the wheel is on the ground, then drive the good wheel up on this safe ramp, leaving the flat to rotate freely. Easy peasy-change the tire! We hope Nancy never has to use it, but she feels safer knowing she has it in the truck. We have AAA and tow service for both the truck and trailer, but in some areas, cell service isn't available.

She also found the "Sanitary Wrench" that she has been looking for. It makes it easy to open the sewer cap and adapters, and it's more sanitary.

When Judy was showing Nancy and me around Casper the other day, she kept referring to the high rises. We kept looking, but we didn't see any. Finally, Nancy said to Judy, "You forget who you're talking to. I was raised in NY and I live in Atlanta." They laughed because the high rises that she was referring to were tops 5 floors. (I'm not sure if it's high risers or high rises, but you know what I'm talking about.) Here's a link to what Casper looks like-there's a lot of construction going on at the moment so Nancy really couldn't get pictures. This site really shows you better than she could, anyway. We passed the Eagle Against the Sun, today.

Here's two pictures Nancy took:
Hi rise!

 The tallest thing around.

As we drove through Casper, and Judy pointed out different buildings. We saw the old town, and there are beautiful sculptures all around town. Miss Judy took us to see her favorite house in Casper. We could see why, and Nancy went back to snap a few pictures, today. Note the roof line. We've never seen one like it. It almost has a "Hanzel and Gretel" look about it. It's hard to see, but there are two twin fur trees that frame it on either side.

Heck, I'd be happy to live in the garage!

We're off to Nebraska, tomorrow. We're excited. Miss Judy said it's a great place to relax, walk, and just soak in nature. We're keeping our eyes on the fire in Colorado. We hope they have it out before we get there. Must be very terrifying for the people who are in its path, losing their homes.

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