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Sep 1, 2010

Where is Jack, Day Oops?

Nancy forgot that she tried to take pictures of the fire up near Hamilton. We put the pictures on that blog last night-they weren't very good because it was raining and the air was smokey. I'm embarrassed to say that I don't proof read when I write the blogs and I found some unforgivable errors that I had to correct. I think I think faster than Nancy can type, and we're usually very tired when we're working on the blog. I really only started it because I thought it would be fun to keep a record of our trip--now, I find that some people read it every day. Miss Martha wrote me an email and I told her that I forgot to write about Dahlonega. Well, there it was right there on the blog. Oh, well, everyone just has to overlook the errors-I'm almost afraid to go back and read the others, and Nancy is certainly no help.

It sounds like it stopped raining, but it's very overcast. Nancy interrupted my meditation time this morning with the camera. I try to meditate a little each day.

We're still going to the Tetons, but don't know if we'll get pictures. Oh, well, you can't argue with Mother Nature; she's the boss. Nancy's going to take a shower so we can get out of here pretty early.

We went to Teton National Park, but it was hard to see the mountains.  Nancy tried to get some pictures, but I don't think they turned out very well. I was disappointed, but she said this is what it is today, so it is "OUR" memory-it's the way it was when we were here. Tomorrow is expected to be clear. We'll see. I have to admit, we've been to prettier places as impressive as the Tetons are. Every where we look there's pictures of dogs with lines drawn through them. Rich and Nancy used to take turns getting out to see things.

We know the tops are under the cloud because Nancy has lots of pictures of them.

The ride was nice. Nancy told me to keep my eyes peeled for wildlife. When you look for it, you don't see it.

We took a little side road to see the Church of Transportation. No dogs allowed, of course. What kind of church doesn't open its doors to all people? Hmmm...very telling.

When you don't expect it there it is. When Nancy and Rich were at Jenny Lake, Nancy was taking pictures and didn't know she was staring a deer straight in the face until she had the film developed.

Well, Nancy decided since the "boardwalks" in Jackson are mostly covered she'd take me for a walk in town. I have to say, we met some nice people who would come over and say they missed their labs who were at home. We also ran into a couple of grumpy people. We were crossing the street-I was walking very nicely and a man in a car yelled at Nancy to keep her blankety blank dog at home. We were walking in the cross walk so I don't know what his problem was. Nancy responded by just standing still so he couldn't go anywhere. Then Susie called and another guy yelled at Nancy. Not a very friendly guy and he kept yelling while Nancy was on the phone.  Honest, we were not doing anything wrong. Nancy decided to head for the park (the one with the antlers as entrances) so we could have a peaceful walk. NO DOGS ALLOWED. A park with no dogs allowed.

The town is big time touristy.

We think maybe it's still so crowded because of the holiday. While we were walking around, we came across sculptures next to a gallery. They were beautiful. I'll post a few so you can see.

Okay, so there were more than a few.

We went back to the truck and Nancy asked me if I would sleep for a while so she could go into some stores. Susie bought the cutest Christmas moose when she was out here, but dropped it by mistake. Nancy's going to keep looking for it-maybe she'll find it. Then, we went to lunch. We weren't ready to go back to the trailer, yet, so we took a ride south of the campground. We followed the Snake River.

Pretty, but we were both tired because we didn't sleep well last night. We came home and took a nap. When we woke up, it was still raining. Nancy is enjoying her book, though. It's strange every now and then for about 5 minutes, the sun comes out. Then, it rains, again. Hopefully, we'll have better weather, tomorrow.

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