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Sep 6, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 148?

Today was a work day. Nancy got a lot accomplished, including laundry. She HATES laundry on the road. Tomorrow, she has to go to the RV store to see if they can tell her how to put the antenna handle up so that it will stay. Michael couldn't do it and Nancy can't look up long enough to do it because of her neck. She also wants to look for that waterless RV cleaner so she can work on the outside of the trailer. It's a good thing she did it in Arkansas, but it really needs it, again, and a coat of wax. She cleaned all the cabinets out, today, washed the cabinets and countertops, and rearranged clothing. She put new sheets on our beds and took me for several walks, but she wants me to stay quiet because my stomach was upset, yesterday. She just worries herself to death about me.

The news for the day is that Miss Judy called and asked Nancy if she'd like to go camping at Fort Robinson State Park in Nebraska for a few days. She needs to do a shake down trip with her new to her Class C, and thought it would be fun if we all camped, together. Ms. Judy says it's a really nice park. We are looking forward to our adventure. Nancy is very happy to get to spend some time with her friend. She's a good judge of character, I must say. Well, just look at all her WAC friends and her other friends-that will tell you everything you need to know.

I keep forgetting to tell you. There are grasshoppers everywhere, here. We first noticed them in a rest stop coming down to Casper. They are ALL OVER the place. They don't bother us, but they make a kind of clicking noise. Then, there's one kind that's brown, looks just like a grasshopper until it flies, then it looks like a beautiful butterfly.

After that, Nancy and I won't be too far from Centennial, WY. That's the very first place that she and Rich stood in awe of the vast space in the west. It was a tiny little place back in 1999. The library was probably no bigger than this trailer. There was a little restaurant with a very friendly man who made  them a sandwich, and they talked for a long time.

Nancy and Miss Judy will have dinner together tomorrow night to plan. Miss Judy can't leave until Wednesday afternoon. Nancy spoke to the manager of this campground and she said it's fine if Nancy stays a few hours after the check out time--she said she wouldn't charge her even though Nancy offered to pay.

Susan called, today. She's excited about getting her kitchen done. She refinanced her house which was a smart move on her part. She's going over to see Amanda's new townhouse, today. John called. Lisa was very surprised with her party. They really got her good, I guess.

Well, nothing more to say except that it cooled off here. Nancy is happy. It's very windy, though. Last night reminded me of Amarillo. Nancy got to laughing about her friend, Deb, when the "sort of tornado" came through the campground. She thought she was going to land in Kansas!

The latest plan, now, is after Centennial we'll head down to Colorado to try to catch some of the leaves changing color. Then, we'll take the back roads down through New Mexico to I40 or I20 (haven't decided, yet), and then dead head it across to home. It will feel so strange stepping in our big house. Nancy will be happy to have her shower right upstairs and the laundry right in the house.

When John called, today, they were talking about how it would be wise just to keep the truck. Nancy keeps it in very good shape, mechanically, and she really hopes he and Lisa will do some traveling. It's hard to imagine when you tow it the first couple of times that after a while, it's like second nature--even in wind. Nancy says she forgets it's back there.


  1. Wow! It is really amazing how much ground you have covered and the wonderful people and scenery you have seen. Think of all that has happened since you first met Judy. What a journey Nancy!!!!!

    ps Must be the year for grasshoppers, saw tons in Iowa, so thick I crunched some when I rode the bike path.

  2. Hey! It'll be interesting to read after some time passes. I don't proofread and I have only gone back once or twice to look something up. You gals will love Judy. I think I've convinced her to come east.

    One year the grasshoppers were so bad in SD that they closed the roads because so many were killed it made the road like ice.

    Been WINDY here, and sweatshirt weather which is just the way I like it. I'm probably saying what I said in my blog--the memory is failing fast!

    Hope it lasts until I can meet you guys at Flounder Lake.

  3. Just was reading over my blog from last two weeks and saw your comment about the loon in Skidaway. We had a good laugh about that at Trout Lake when we heard the loon there!

    For all who weren't at Skidaway, Nancy is a woman of many ringtones on her phone, one of which was a loon. Skidaway outside of Savannah is big birding country. A birder with binoculars was walking near us when Nancy's phone went off, sending him into a complete frenzy hunting for a loon which had no business being in that country!!!!


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