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Sep 2, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 144?

We just got in from a LONG day at Teton National Park, and Nancy decided to do Yellowstone, too. We are exhausted so will do the blog in the morning. I think we're just going to stick around the campground and relax. We are going to post a few pictures of my river that runs through my campground that Nancy took this morning on our walk. The rest of the blog, we'll do tomorrow.

It's almost 11 a.m. and neither of us has gotten out of bed. We are beat. Driving in Yellowstone is a JOB. Nancy and Rich spent a lot of time here before I was born. You have to watch for animals, watch for cars stopping or someone running across the street, and the speed limit is slow. We tried to make it up to Hot Mammoth Springs, but we probably wouldn't have gotten home until midnight.

Surprisingly, this was not the most photogenic place we've been. We were disappointed in the pictures-maybe we're just tired. We had a good day, but there was something missing. Anyway, I won't bore you with the usual Teton mountain pictures. Nancy thought the hot springs were the most interesting part of the day. Here are the pictures. Nancy's wondering if something is wrong with the camera or it was her mood while taking them
Hard to believe, but there's a moose and her baby in the water. Nancy sure wishes she had the same zoom capacity as she did with the 35mm. You'll just have to trust us.

Hard to get enthused about taking pictures that everyone and his brother has already seen--and, bad pictures, at that.

Who knew there is a marina and restaurant in Teton? We came across it by accident when we turned off the main road. Nancy was hungry so she had a chicken sandwich with jack cheese, pesto, and sun dried tomatoes. She sat on the deck looking at the lake (and the truck with me in it, I might add--hmmm). I'm sick of seeing pictures of dogs with lines through them. Ya think they might be able to come up with a more polite sign?

This was really the color of the water. I think Rich told us it was the color of glacier water.

The sound of boiling water was pretty loud.

This one sprayed pretty high, sometimes. Of course, I watched from the truck. Where else?

I felt sorry for this poor old guy. I didn't bark. He could barely walk. He was all alone, and it looked like he was going toward the boiling water. Maybe he'd had enough. I'll always remember him.

We saved Jenny Lake for sunset, but we missed the good part of the sunset. It was already getting too dark. Nancy says she has so many pictures of the Tetons from all the time she and Rich spent here when they had the motorhome.

Nancy was on the phone with Susie when she spotted these guys. They were grazing off the main road.

We saw this guy when it was too late to take a good picture. Nancy blew this one up, so it isn't very clear. She let me look through her binoculars, and he was magnificent, but there's no way I can show you that.

Okay, so this is yesterday's blog. I suspect there will be nothing for today as it's almost 11:30 and we still haven't moved. Can you say tired? Maybe if we get our energy up, later, we'll go over to the elk preserve. We need to get to a supermarket, too. We are out of everything.