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Sep 11, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 152?

Another restful day. The weather was a little cooler, so it was nice just to enjoy the campground. Nancy took me in the truck so I could wait outside while she showered, and then we walked around. Nancy was very tired all day, and tried to take a nap, but couldn’t go to sleep. Instead, she watched a movie called “Paying it forward”. I took the nap.

Miss Judy, Tilly, and Tucker, are great company. Miss Judy put together her propane campfire, tonight, and we sat out for a while after dark, but it was getting cold, so we all went to bed.

We went into town to the same restaurant, again, and Nancy said she ate too much. She hates when she does that. When we were walking, she said,  “We’re going to get back into our routine on the way back, kiddo. I think we’ve both put on a few pounds." Nancy hates that because she felt in such good shape. She was eating small portions, no sweets, and we were really doing a lot of walking. Once Susie, Michael, and the girls came, though, it was back to restaurants for her, and that’s not good. Then, after that was the Tillamook ice cream, which really did her in.

The little town of Crawford, while seemingly full of friendly happy people, is a sad little town. She and Miss Judy were talking about it. Some small towns have fallen to the wayside because of “Big Box Stores”. Others, because people are so much more mobile that they can go a distance to have the shopping variety that is missing in the small towns.

Farming is a hard life. We were talking to a man last night who raises sunflowers. It’s actually a dangerous job. Did you know that? They don't grow as many as they used to because of little moths that come. If they come when the sunflowers have already turned their heads down, they can't be sprayed and they turn into mush, he said. A farmer can actually drown because the flax is so slippery, it turns into sludge and a tractor can be swallowed up. It’s also very inflammable and fields and tractors are always at risk.

We aren’t sure whether we’re leaving, tomorrow, or not. I like it here because there is so much space and Nancy can throw the ball to me. She’s vowed not to drink any more of Miss Judy’s coffee--it is SO delicious, she said. Miss Judy seems to know about so many things. Do you know that her Dad was a welder and she said they moved nine, and maybe sometimes ten times a year? That’s probably why she’s so friendly and knows so much.

It’s supposed to get cold, tonight, and be a nice day, tomorrow. We’ll see what comes. Sorry, no pictures, today.

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