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Sep 9, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 150

We woke up early this morning. It was a beautiful day for walking. Cool and breezy, well, windy, really. Nancy read, did some things on her computer, and then she hitched up, checked the lights, and the right tail light was out. She had to take the caulking off from the last time, and fortunately she carries extra bulbs. Judy pulled up just as she was changing the light. It only took a few minutes. They re-caulked it and Nancy put some duct tape on just to make sure it stayed. We took off about 1:30.

We had a very pleasant ride. Judy thought it was only about an hours drive, but it was 2-1/2 hours. Hilly, not mountainous, with buttes here and there and grasslands. We stopped to eat in Lusk about an hour away from the park. Judy is a very interesting person. She knows a lot on a lot of subjects. She knows a lot about western history. 

We passed a train that had what seemed like 50 cars brimming with coal.

Once we set up, we sat outside until well after dark. The park is beautiful. We signed up until Saturday, and maybe will stay until Sunday. We only have electric so we filled our fresh water tanks on the way into the campground.

Nancy snapped a couple of pictures, but she's charging the batteries because we think tomorrow will be a big photo day. There’s so much to do right in the park. We also found out there’s a place in Crawford, the nearest town, that has rare animals; one being the famous fainting goats (You can see them on you tube.)

I don’t believe Nancy and Rich camped in Nebraska. They may have driven through, but it seems like a very pleasant state. Judy says it gets better the further east you go.

Nancy is using her Verizon Broad band and it’s slow as molasses. So, she said she'll see if she can’t just post few pictures and get off.  We'll find  a place, tomorrow, to upload what we see during the day. There are two bars on the phone so Nancy doesn't know what the problem is. What a waste of money unless you’re in a city where you can get Internet connection almost anywhere.

As it was, we couldn't get Verizon to work for the blog so we waited until this morning. Nancy and I were up before 6 a.m. It works outside the camper so Nancy can at least check email and type the blog.

We left our shades up, and woke up to a nice breeze and beautiful yellow flowers. Judy is still asleep, but she's going to make coffee.

This is where we signed in to camp. We're getting a lot for our $17.00. The lady who signed us in couldn't have been more cordial or pleasant. Nancy saw a hoody and bought it. She'll be decked out for winter that's for sure.  I don't think she can wear REI to Lauren's wedding, though, so she's going to have to break the dry spell and go to the mall.

This is the first building we saw. It's right across the street from the office where we signed in. We have no idea what it is, but it will be fun exploring. 

The road to the campground.

This was another house on the way to the campground. Except that it's not near the ocean, it reminds me of Jekyll Island, here. The weather was beautiful on our walk earlier this morning. The air is so fresh and clean.

There is a POW camp, here. We wondered as we passed this building whether it was part of the camp or whether it was a jail when when this was a fort. We're inclined to think the latter because Nancy doesn't think they had bars on the windows of the Japanese POWs.
And this last picture is a quick one Nancy snapped of just one part of the campground. Campsites are huge.

We're looking forward to an exciting day. 

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  1. I think I waited at a crossing today for twenty minutes for the same train here in Kirkwood!!!


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