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Sep 11, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 153?

We thought a lot about this day. Nancy remembers exactly where she and Rich were when the planes hit the towers. She also remembers exactly what they said to one another.

We heard, today, that the nut in Florida did burn the Koran even after being told that he could be endangering the lives of our troops (Later to find out that Susan was incorrect). Had this been during WII, he would have been charged with treason, and hopefully shot by a firing squad. Why has this country gone so soft?

We did a lot of walking, today, all over the fort. Nancy also played ball with me. Rails to trails runs through here. At least that’s what Nancy thinks though we saw no signs.

The old cottonwood trees are beautiful. We know they are old by the size of their trunks.

The park is very historical. Nancy new Geronimo was killed here, but didn’t realize that Crazy Horse was, as well. She had always thought that he was a symbolic character that represented all Indians. We walked a long time reading the signs that are all over the park. Nancy got sunburned while she was reading her book, and I think from walking in the sun, too. 

Tomorrow, we’ll be on our way. We’ll be sad to say goodbye to Miss Judy, Tucker, and Tillie, but it’s time. Miss Judy says they are all coming east-maybe in March, and Miss Judy is anxious to meet the WACs. We’ll arrange something.

We'll finish loading pictures when we get wifi. This Verizon is so slow that Nancy gets impatient.