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Sep 15, 2010

Where is Jack, Day 157

We had a very bad windstorm here last night. We were okay, but there was damage to the fairground nearby and crops were destroyed. There was strange sounding thunder and a little lightning, but it was mostly wind-big wind! We were rockin' and rollin'. The news said, today, that it was unusual to have such high winds without accompanying rain. We decided to play it safe and stay another day because the wind was still gusting. It was recorded at 60 mph and gusting where we are.

I wanted to get out of the trailer so I went to the door and cried. I was scared. Nancy opened the door and said, "You have your choice. You want to go out there or stay in here." I got up in her bed. Once I realized that she wasn't scared, I was okay. She actually went to sleep and would wake up when we really got a blast. It seemed like it went on all night.

Nancy took me to the field behind the campground, today, to play, and she stepped in a gopher hole and hurt her knee. Then she reached up to wash the outside of the windows on the trailer and pulled a muscle in her chest and shoulder. Just wasn't her day, but she says it's nothing some Aleve can't fix. She's going to wait to hitch up in the morning-that way she can rest it.

Nancy forgot to get water when she was in the supermarket so we had to do that, and get gas in the truck so we can leave, tomorrow. We don't know where we're going, yet. Severe thunderstorm warnings just scrolled across the TV. Nancy said, maybe that's what's bothering her muscles. It's been so dry in the west that she forgot she ever had a problem with her neck and knees. (Reading back in the book, I realized that's not quite true. The neck pain Nancy had, though, was from lifting, etc. This is the old dull, miserable ache).

Just a couple of pictures today. We found one family that is going to have a really nice Halloween and pumpkin pie!

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