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Sep 7, 2016

What a Difference a Day Makes

Blogger decided it won't put this picture where I wanted it. ??? It's one of the carvings on the tour. I have a map to find them all.
After breakfast, yesterday, I hitched up without incident, still undecided where I was going. I wanted to have the extra keys made for the trailer so I stopped in Camping World. They could only do the entry door; they didn't have one for the cargo area. I guess I'll have to find a locksmith.

I got back in the truck and decided I'd go t Bayfield, Colorado; specifically Valencia Resort. Rich and I never camped over this way but he and I, and one time Susan when she visited us, used to take the pups to swim on the other side of the lake. There was a dirt road back then. I'll take a ride one day and find out if it has been paved. On my 2010 trip I used to take Jack to this side and he had a wonderful time. It's where he shook himself all over my lunch after swimming, and I found Pura Vida Cafe and had the most wonderful hamburger. They were closed last night. One of the men in this wonderful campground told me that they no longer had good food. The wife is not happy and wants to go back to Chicago. (can you tell this is a small community?) I decided I'd go back just for old times sake but when I got there, it was closed. For the day? I'm not sure. Anyway the man also told me about a place called The Market which wasn't very far down the road. The burger was very good and I was very hungry!

The area had a forest fire that destroyed just about everything on this side of the lake, and sadly killed a fireman. I could see a little bit of greenery the last time I was here as the burned areas began their recovery though there is still a lot of evidence that it was here, and it was bad. It's much greener, now, but it will take many more years to fully recover. There are signs to be careful of flash flooding (nothing to anchor the soil) and falling trees are a possibility in some areas. I just did a quick drive around I intend to do the "Carving Tour" today. The first one is in this park. I think Susan may remember one of a forest ranger that we saw when we were here. I was so tired last night that I couldn't get this blog finished so I'm half in yesterday and hand half in today. The Altitude is bothering me a bit in spite of all my precautions or maybe I'm just a little tired. It was a nice drive, yesterday, but it took about 5 hours and hitching and unhitching. Not as spry as I used to be, I guess.

I'll share some pictures that I took in the park and on my way to the restaurant, yesterday. I stuck a couple of black and white's in for Susan. She and I are both fans of black and white photography.
That's looking toward the San Juan's.

This is the marina behind the cafe'. I had a lovely lunch on the deck overlooking the lake.

This is Lemon Reservoir Dam
This is a nice little ranch close by. There are a lot of properties for sale (I noticed that last time, too). I imagine after the fire, some people just decided not to rebuild. I think most were summer homes.
This is looking back to the campground
This is Lemon Lake Dam. People must take their daily walk, here.
Okay, so things are a little out of order. Jack had a blast chasing geese and ducks. I think they were just making fun of him. They'd let him get within feet, then fly about a yard away from him.
I'm outta here for a while. Going exploring. See ya!