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Sep 2, 2016

Old Town Albuquerque

After fiddling around for a while, today, I decided to go see Old Town. I probably should have waited until later in the day when it was a bit cooler, but the heat was not unbearable. It was prettier than I expected. I was scoping out shops and looking for a restaurant that Susan might like when she arrives.

On the way I saw a sign that said "Tingley Beach". I was curious as to what a beach was doing in Albuquerque. Well, it's a very nice park. There are several different fishing ponds, one for children under twelve. Another was for everyone. I saw that you had to have a license, but I suppose it's a good way to feed a family if the budget is tight so kudos to Albuquerque for having this parks.

Here is the first highlight of my day. Meet Max! He's 7 months old and a sweetheart. His owner had him out socializing him. Max's owner came from Atlanta to live in Albuquerque a year ago. He told me not to listen to the news because it gives the wrong impression of Albuquerque. He said he enjoys the blue skies, good air, and nice places to walk Max. He pointed and said, "There's a real nice walking trail over there." It was actually a rails to trails.

Max decided while we were talking that he wanted to lie down in the water. He almost got to do it--he tried hard enough, but the gentleman said he didn't want him to get too wet because it takes him so long to dry and he gets everything wet. I could tell that this man truly loves Max. They are best friends. He said he had had a Rottweiler, but lost him at 15 years old. He adopted Max and said he was helping him get over his loss, but he was quick to tell me that he didn't get him to take the place of his Rotty, but just wanted something to love and something to love him back.
We said good bye and good luck to one another, and Max was happily on his walk, again. Well, there were really two highlights of my day.
Rails to Trails
This is where the little train went by. On the other side of the hedge is the rails to trails.

I was walking along and what was coming toward me, but a six month old black Lab named Major. Major was just a happy guy who wanted to go through my legs, lick my face, and be a general all around goof off. He reminded me of Lizzie. The owners were apologetic and said they were discouraged that he was so "enthusiastic", but I told them he was better than any shop I'd seen. They, too, were out "socializing" him. I told them to enjoy the next two and a half years until he started to become civilized, and that they would be rewarded with a most wonderful dog. I could tell they loved him and were willing to put in the time to train him. I didn't take a picture of him because he was so busy going through my legs--all Labs do that, I think, and I couldn't have gotten him to stand still enough.

There was a duck pond with too many ducks to count, and very big geese. They wanted to eat, but I didn't have anything to feed them so they soon lost interest in me. Had I known, I probably would have brought something for them. Maybe next time if I go back.

Next, I walked around Old Town. Such pretty architecture. I went into one shop, and the woman was telling me that her jewelry was very reasonable and they had a sale 1/2 off! Without asking me, she took out a silver a turquoise ring and pointed out all it's wonderful features and told me how it was made, and I was lucky that I was there today because of the sale. I could have it for only $4K. I told her it was beautiful, but out of my price range, and she said, "You'll pay twice as much in Santa Fe." I don't think so. Most of the other shops just asked if they could help and left me alone. There were some reasonably priced places, and of course a lot of absolutely beautiful pottery. 

As I walked around I heard some beautiful, soothing music. As I got closer I saw three men playing. It was so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. I couldn't resist buying one of their CDs. They were very nice and I thought how hard it must be to stand on hard cement all day. I asked about the one instrument that played such beautiful music and was told it was a Pan Pipe. All instrumental. I don't know why I didn't think to take a picture of them.

I wandered in and out of shops. One in particular caught my eye. The gentleman sold black and white photographs; some of which were breathtaking. He doesn't use digital, and he develops them himself.

I stopped at a little restaurant and asked the fellow if I could just order a diet coke. He said, sure, but we don't have them to go. I said I'd sit a while and rest. I probably had been walking for and hour and a half. No pain in my lower back or my SI joints, but my upper back was killing me. If I hadn't had the lower back surgery, I wouldn't have had any pain at all. If only...big words. The upper back pain is one of the downsides and results of lower back pain.

There's a cute little courtyard of shops called the Market. I thought it was pretty and considered the restaurant there, but prices were out of sight.

The church in the square was beautiful. San Filipe. It used to be all adobe, but if I remember correctly, it crumbled and they added the white.
I didn't touch this up--this was how the sky came out. 

Well, it's late afternoon. I doubt I'll be doing too much else, today. So that's why I decided to do the blog early. Think I'll take a nap and read blogs a little later.

I don't believe this. I looked up and the check light was on, on the refrigerator. I opened it and it was luke warm. It was ice cold when I left this morning. I tried to call Dometic and they are closed for the day. I've left a message on the Escapee Board and hope it's something simple. I turned the propane off outside so I would know whether the electric is not working. It's supposed to switch automatically to A/C when plugged into a land line. This really is the trailer from hell. :(


  1. It's a Holiday weekend, of course the refrigerator decided to test your patience. Hopefully, it's something simple and easily fixed. Sometimes, vents get clogged by dirt and dust. If the trailer is not level, the refrigerator might have a problem, too. Best of luck with it.

  2. I'm crossing my fingers, but it seems to be getting cool. Of course, I lost all my frozen food, but that's the least of it if it works. I leveled the trailer front to back, side to side when I parked. It worked find all the way out here and ever since we've been here. I'm hoping that the electric went out when I was gone. Someone on the Escapee forum told me to turn the propane back on, but now I won't know if it works on A/C. I think he may have missed that I was not traveling; I was hooked up. I think there is a camping world down the street. I think what I will do is pick up a fridge thermometer and plan to stick around all day. I'll shut off the gas and see if the temps drop.

  3. After such a wonderful day exploring to come home to the hot fridge. What next. Hope it will be OK now. Sometimes I wonder if I really want to get into another RV..... Oh the answer is of course yes.

    1. I know! I ask myself the same question? What's wrong with us? LOL

      Seems to be working today!

  4. Other than the refrigerator issues at the end of the day, your day walking around and discovering different places seemed great. You found some unique places - - that park looked lovely.


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