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Sep 19, 2016

Lost the Airport

I got a surprise call this morning from Marian and Tom Kruger, the couple who I was parked next to in this park a couple of weeks ago when the electricity went off. They are back home in Florida, but wanted to check to see how I was. Such nice people. We've agreed that we will run into one another, again.

I decided to make a practice run to the airport which according to my GPS is not very far away. It was towards the east. I left about 2:30 wanting to be back before trying to drive west with the sun in my eyes. It is terrible to drive here as the sun goes down.

After two hours of following the GPS AND SIGNS, I finally stopped the truck and got out and asked a bus driver where the Delta arrivals terminal was hiding. I hadn't seen nor heard a plane; the airport was very quiet. First, he said, "I'm sorry, but you can't park there." I said I'm not parked there, I stopped to ask you a question. After explaining that I was making a dry run and practically pulling my hair out with frustration, he said, you have to make a right just before you enter where you are, now. I said, but the signs said no parking. The GPS kept directing me to the cell holding area. He said that's where you want to be. It would be difficult for me to explain so I went around, again, and this time went into an unlit one lane drive nearest the building that had signs. It was dark and the signs weren't lit. I finally found Delta Baggage. I stopped to save the coordinates in my GPS when there was a tap on the window. A security officer said, very politely, "I'm sorry but you can't park here." I told him I had had a terrible time finding out where I needed to pick my daughter up when she arrives--I wasn't parking...just stopping. He told me that when I come I need to tell Susan just to wait right by the curb and keep driving around until she's there. Then, I can pick her up. Okey dokey.

I'm so used to crazy, busy Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson that I complicated everything. I didn't go in the drive because there were no people. None. When I finally did drive by, they had several different small (not easy to see)--United, American, Delta, etc.

This little camper is right down the way from me. Now that's small. I don't know if I could survive in it.

I forgot to mention that instead of cabins, in this park, there are vintage trailers; some with vintage tow cars. I need to take pictures of them. I was going to, today, but I wanted to make sure the pictures were of the right trailers. It's a nice enough campground. I was going to do laundry tonight, but I got back after the office closed, and I need quarters.

I took a walk around the park early this morning while it was still cool. These are pictures of the back of the building. I'll get the rest, tomorrow. I wondered if they decided to fix the pool, afterall. Looks like it. Again, I couldn't ask because no one was in the office yet, but I went in and stuck my foot in...whoa! No heated pool and the water holds the temp from the night before. It was freezing!!

Love these old trees. I wonder what kind they are--I was thinking Cottonwood, but I'm not sure.


  1. Good idea to make a dry run especially at an airport if you can. I can't remember where you are but we stayed in a park in Albuquerque that had antique campers. I don't think they were for rent though. Maybe they shouldn't call that little "teardrop" a camper. It's just a bed. Take a look inside.

  2. Good idea for the dry run.
    You might consider trying the pool about an hour before the sun sets so the sun can warm it up during the day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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