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Sep 17, 2016

Back in Albuquerque

The ride back down to Albuquerque was uneventful. Taking the highway is kind of a boring ride, but it's faster than taking the blue roads, which I'll do coming back from Durango in a couple of weeks.

I had to level the trailer with the blocks. I tried three, but it wouldn't go up on them so I decided two would be enough, and it actually put it right on the money. Very pleasant check in, and a gentleman stopped by to see if I needed help. I was finished unhitching, but he told me that he and his wife are full-timers and have a huge 42 foot 5th wheeler. Very nice person.

I passed a caravan of people evidently moving the family. Three pickups were pulling two more (filled to the brim) behind them and a fourth was towing cars. Don't know if I'd have the nerve to wobble along as they were on a 70 mph highway.

It's a pleasant day, here. I am SO glad I bought the fan. I hate the roar of the A/C...the fan is big, but I pull the air from the shady side of the trailer and open the windows on the sunny side. Plus there's a little tree next to me.

I miss the mountains, but I can't wait for Susan to arrive on the 23rd and we head back up to Durango. There are a few things I wanted to do while here, anyway. Tonight, though, is laundry night unless I'm too tired.

Rich was one of six kids. His two eldest sisters were old enough to be his Mother. I think I'd be safe to say that he was a surprise! Three boys and three girls. His eldest brother, Louis, is the only one left--he's amazing--very good health and has a sense of humor very much like Rich's. This is Rich when he was in the Air Force. Handsome guy, huh?

Sorry, no scenery pictures, but my nephew, David, sent me some old pictures of some of the family. His Mom, Marilyn, (closest in age to Rich) passed away last year. I miss her.

This is his eldest sister, Dorothy. We lost her last year. She was beautiful--I used to tell her she looked like a movie star. My brother-in-law was a pilot during WWII--injured and rescued at sea--a true war hero. Louis and Robbie served in Korea.

This is Rich's eldest brother, Louis.

Left-Robbie, Middle-Marilyn, Right-Louis

Robbie and Wife, Gloria. He had the sense of humor that threads through all the Lassig boys. The Last time I saw Gloria, she was still a very pretty woman.

This is my Mother-in-Law. I'm not sure which baby she is holding. Rich brought her down from NY to live with us in Georgia where she passed away in 1978 only three weeks after.

This was one of the last times that Louis and Marilyn were together. Marilyn lost her husband Bill, third from the left shortly after this picture was taken. Julia, Lou's lovely wife passed several years ago. So, from left to right: My son, Michael, my granddaughter, Keely, Bill, Lou, Marilyn, and Julia. We had a good time having dinner. One of the few times we got together since we all lived so far apart.

This picture was taken at Susan's house not too long ago. It was a "semi" reunion. Susan is planning a larger reunion to try to get all of the family, together, at last. We're hoping that this new generation will be able to keep in closer touch since society is so much more mobile nowadays. Left to right: Lou, me, Bill (Marilyn's eldest son), Debra (Lou's middle daughter), John, my eldest son, Linda (Lou's youngest daughter), and Susan my only daughter and youngest child.

Rich used to travel with his job. He always looked forward, when we lived in New York, to be in Atlanta to play basketball with Marilyn's sons, Bill and twins Leo and Michael. David was born later. He's about nine months older than Michael. Hard to believe they are 50. This is David and his wife, Chris's family. I know who Robert is, but I get the girls mixed up. I'll come back and add when I'm sure. For some reason, Blogger will not post the picture. I'll try again later.

I had started a project before breaking my wrist and arm of digitalizing all my old pictures. I intend to finish it when I return home, then share the pictures that I have. Hopefully, I have a picture of Rich's older sister, Eleanor. She was the second eldest (no picture, now) in the family, and hopefully, everyone can attend the reunion and we can get a long awaited picture. I'm sad to say that her son, Bob, is fighting illness. I wish there was something I could do to help, but he has a great support system that is fighting the fight with him (and a great, beautiful Lab named Blake always by his side).

This is the only picture I have of My Mother and Father-in-Law. Back row left to right: Louis, Marilyn, (Oh, there's Eleanor), Bill, Gloria, Robbie, Rich. Front row: Left to right: Mother, Julia, and Dad.


  1. Wow - Rich was beyond handsome!! I can see why you fell so hard for that man. And he was nice on top of being so easy on the eyes. Wow. And Susan looks about 16 in that picture. Uneventful trips are the kind we like - no problems. Lots of good folks out there that will help you out if you need it.

    1. Wasn't he though and with a heart of gold. Susan is defying age. Can't wait to see her. I was glad to get in, get all set up, eat and go for a walk.

  2. It is nice to keep track of your family and a fine looking bunch you are.
    Yes RVers are always willing to lend a hand.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you, Rick! I don't think I've ever run across an RVer that didn't offer to help.

  3. WOW Rich was a real looker. Love that you have all those pictures and know who everyone is.
    Hopefully all the bugs have been gone out of the trailer now. Enjoy your stay.

    1. I think so. He wouldn't be happy with me posting his picture. Funny how a picture can bring one right back so a quickly to a time so long ago. Thanks for stopping, Jo.

  4. Rich was really handsome Nancy. But I have to ask, three weeks? What did you to to his Mother??

  5. Thank you. Yes, three weeks. Rich brought her down because she had been having dizzy spells, but the doctor didn't think it was anything serious. In the little apartment that she had were steep stairs and we were worried about her going up and down the stairs. She passed quietly in her sleep 10 minutes after I told her I was going to make up the couch so she could come out and be with us in the den. She woke up not feeling well. Her last words when I told her to close her eyes and try to sleep--I'd be back in 5 minutes were, "I can't sleep in the day time." Little Susan had made 9 little hearts that she taped on her door and she said, "Ain't she something." I made up the couch, went back no more than five minutes later and laughed thinking, "Really, you can't sleep in the day time?" I stood and watched for a moment before I realized that I didn't think she was breathing. I was always glad that she died with us or we would have wondered if she had struggled alone. We should all go as quietly and peacefully as she went.

  6. The family used to kid me about my cooking, and how it must not have agreed with my Mother-in-law. I was the butt of many a joke--many of which were comic relief when she died.

  7. How lucky you are to have such wonderful pictures and such wonderful inlaws. It's so great to see you out on the road again.

  8. How lucky you are to have such wonderful pictures and such wonderful inlaws. It's so great to see you out on the road again.

  9. I am very lucky, indeed. Thank you, Sherry.


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