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Sep 15, 2016

It's Good to Be Back Amongst the Living

Being sick at home is bad enough, but being sick away from home is worse. I have to say, though, if it had to be, this was the place for it to be. This is the first time I've parked in a Casino Parking lot, but it's clean, well manicured, and having full hookups was a blessing. I think besides a head cold and other issues, this hasn't helped me.
Harvested Hay--that's why I'm sneezing so much!
I'm happy to say my fridge is working without crossing my fingers. The big test will be the ride down to Albuquerque on Saturday. I'm feeling confident.

I hate the noise of the air condition in the trailer so I found this for a good price. I can barely hear it when it's running and it keeps fresh air moving through the trailer. where is it going to ride. It collapses so I'm going to put it way up at the top the bed and buffer it with pillows. We'll see how it works out.

Now for the ride, I didn't want to drive 200 miles over the mountains. I'll be doing a lot of driving to pick Susan up and when I'm with her, but I love to drive on dirt roads. There is so much to see. I've decided that the mountains are beautiful to look at, but the valleys are really prettier. Miles of green fields and streams and lakes abound.
Wonder where this goes

So, I decided to take a ride back over to Bayfield. There were still some back roads that I had missed while I was there. I went to Valencia Lake and Lemon Reservoir. I wanted to thank the people at Pura Vida Cafe for helping me look for my purse. I sat on their deck overlooking the lake and had lunch--no yellow jackets, today.
Such a beautiful place to have lunch

This is Lemon Reservoir. I think the one that Pura Vida overlooks is Valencia. I hope I have that right, now.
I also wanted to go and see the spot where Lizzie beat Jack to a stick in the water when Rich threw it. I wanted to take a picture and video to send to Susan because she was with us. I also wanted to take a picture of the log I was sitting on when Jack shook himself all over my lunch. What a dope I am. Here's the log.

Wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't gone on in the video to Susan, in great detail, that I was sure this was the log. LOL

It was such a pleasant day, riding with all the windows open. I even found the actual little town of Bayfield. As many roads as I had driven on in the area, I somehow missed the town. I didn't stop, but it's a cute little place. I thought this was a cute house--one I'd like to live in.

I took pictures of horses and cows, and then I came across some sheep. Made me think of the old westerns where the cattle and sheep ranchers were always fighting one another. The simple things that amused our minds in those days. I wouldn't be surprised if President Reagan was in a couple of them.
I called him, but he wouldn't come.
There was a herd, but he was closest.

I couldn't get great pictures because as you can see, this is cattle country and privately owned land that is protected by fences.
I also love the Aspens and have always wanted to see them in fall colors. I may just come back up for a week after I drop Susan off. I think that's the peak time. I was talking to an old rancher, today, and I told him how everyone local was saying it was going to be an early winter and how I wondered how they knew. He said in a slow drawl, "Well, there's a lot of things that I can tell by, but the birds left earlier than usual this year." He didn't mention any other reasons.

I returned back to the casino about three o'clock and decided to stop and try to lose the rest of my $20 allowance. It took me half an hour. I'm not a gambler, it bores me, but I tried the slot machines. I was up to almost $50 the first night I was here. I was actually playing only because I thought I got a lot for my money being able to stay here, and wanted to give back a little. I finally did it in. :) I've always hesitated about parking at casinos, but I've changed my mind since being here because they are usually along main routes and easy pull ins. I don't know if they are all as affordable and as nice as this one, but I'll check one out on the way home.

Well that sums it up for the day. Tomorrow, I want to check tires, etc., to prepare for the trip down to the big "A" of the west. After Susan leaves, I need to find a place to have my oil changed. That concludes this report; you can now return to scheduled programming. :)


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better and had a good casino experience. We've never done it because we normally like to stay 2 weeks at every stop but there are some one nighters so I appreciate your recommendation. Safe Travels!

    1. Some people are here for two weeks. It's not a very large site--I don't think it's even 30 spaces. I noticed coming in that there are some RVs parked in a parking lot nearer to the casino, but separate from the other lots. They, obviously, don't have hook ups, and probably pay nothing at all. The are Class A's like you have and can live quite comfortably without hook ups. Just another option when in a bind.

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better and that it was just a twenty-four hour bug.
    If you start loosing your purse either start wearing a fanny pact or pants with pockets. They may not carry as much as a purse but you can choose the important things to carry.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, a twenty four hour bug that lasted 3-4 days. I felt it coming on but thought it must be stress or altitude sickness. (I have avoided the latter, thank goodness). The sneezing is the hay. I really just lost it once, and it was in the trailer. I'm very cautious when I'm traveling. I don't carry a wallet--it's just a small bag with my point and shoot camera, a credit card, and my phone. I always put my keys and my purse in the same place when I come in the trailer. Something must have distracted me and I put it on the couch which isn't too far off in color. I was in such a panic that I was "looking" but not "seeing". I realized I probably should have two credit cards, but I get money back with this one on Amazon. I never carry my ATM with me just in case.

  3. I also love the Aspens, they are usually the first to change color. Oh how I miss seeing the fall of the mountains. Would like to sit out on that patio for lunch or even just a cup or cold coffee. All the pictures are wonderful such a pretty places.

    1. I did get my inhaler today so we shall see how I improve now. Will be so happy to be able to start walking agian and going back to exercise class.

    2. That's great, Jo! I hope it gives you the freedom to get back to the exercising. I know it did/does me a lot of good. It's more difficult when traveling, so I miss my usual routine at the pool.

  4. Always feels so good when you are back among the living. Both Jim and I are sneezing and have running noses from all the hay harvest. And Skittlez is itching like crazy. Beautiful country you're in. We often stop at casinos and just dry camp in their parking lot. Especially if its just for a couple of nights. We also have a fan - ours sits on the table and blows at us in our chairs and then we turn it at night to hit the bed. One of the best things we ever bought.

  5. Well, I'm not happy that you and Jim are sneezing, but I'm glad it's from the hay and not colds. Have you tried corizone cream on Skitz. I am pleasantly surprised with this place--for 15$ all hookups, I don't *think* I'll dry dock. I'll probably wind up going home earlier than expected so I have a little wiggle room for "rent". I point my fan facing out the window where the sun is and open the windows on the other side of the trailer. It keeps me cool all day. Of course, at night I don't need a fan, here. It gets down into the 50s or 60s, I'd guess. I set my heater at 65. It's quiet and I don't hear it go on and off. I don't use the furnace. Where do you put yours when you drive? I think the bed will work--at least I hope it does. I got the back seat or the truck cleaned out awaiting Susan's suitcase (which is bigger than she is) which made room in the bed of the truck almost non existent. Away I go, tomorrow!

  6. Wishing you an pleasant drive. Tell Susan hello for me and enjoy your time together!

  7. Thanks, Patricia. I will tell Susan. I'm going to take her to that lovely restaurant in Chimayo. You did such a great job of finding great places for us to stop. Just out of curiosity, where was the best rated truck stop that you took us to?


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