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Sep 26, 2016

Rearranging and Changing Plans

I had a very rough day with my back, yesterday. Usually, I'm at my worst two days after overdoing for some reason. The odd thing is that I no longer have lower back pain or SI joint pain (Yeah!), but upper back pain caused by the lower back surgery--grrrrr. It's not as debilitating as the SI / back joint, but it does spoil a walk along Main Street so I'm glad to be feeling better, today.

Susan just came back in saying how friendly everyone is in the west. She is a ball of energy. She has taken very good care of herself and in return has the good health to do the things she likes to do. My generation wasn't into the exercise, running, etc., and we were told to finish our meat and potatoes when we were growing up. She's very careful with her diet and maintains her weight without being hungry. She has a great appetite and I'm amazed at the amount of food she can eat. It's her medical background and her knowledge of nutrition that allows her the best of two worlds.

I did have to explain to her that I can't (and didn't intend to) keep up with her, but I want her to have a good time. So, I decided since there is so much to do in this area I'd cancel Taos in as much as we would only have one full day there. Doing this allowed me to get rest when I need to while allowing her to do the stuff I'd love to do, but can no longer do. Here is our schedule: Today Susan is going on a half day ATV ride which will take her up to 12,000 feet so she'll be able to see the beautiful changing leaves and I'll take another walk downtown or may a ride somewhere. Tomorrow, she'll go on a horseback ride while I explore in the truck. Wednesday we are going on the Silverton Durango Train up to Silverton. Thursday, we are taking a ride over to Telluride. The 30th we leave for Santa Fe. I think I'm going to stay off the interstate and take a leisurely ride down through the middle of New Mexico. I'm a little concerned about the traffic we will hit in Albuquerque; the news doesn't paint a very good picture.

The weather couldn't be any better. I call it sweatshirt weather. I'm in my glory. We can see snow on the mountains further north of us--I imagine it's up by Ouray, but I'm not sure.

All and all we are having a good time--would be perfect without pain, but it is what it is. It's still great to have Susan here. The bathrooms, cable, and wifi at this park are great, though it's not the kind of park I enjoy the most. We are close together, but we spend little time here. I was aghast at the prices of the laundry. $2.75 for one washer and $2.75 for one dryer and they are not the big ones. I'm glad I decided to do laundry in Albuquerque. I didn't take many pictures, but here are a few of Susan enjoying Durango. I'm going to give her my camera to take with her, today. I'm glad she's having a good birthday week. She loves carrot cake, but rarely eats sweets--I think I'll try to find one for tomorrow.

I would like Durango, Gramma.


  1. Aren't grand dogs just the cutest things? Glad you are having a good time, and not overdoing it too much. Enjoy your time with Susan, as I know you will.

  2. Yes, Russ. In my eyes ALL dogs are the cutest things. I'm learning to live within my limitations (and age). I am enjoying Susan's visit very much. That's the only downside of traveling--missing my kids. Hi to Donna, Ollie and Jewel. Thanks for stopping by.


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