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Sep 26, 2016

Beautiful Day

I can't describe how perfect the weather is. Susan is on her Jeep ride. This morning, we walked around the town--some beautiful shops, and some touristy shops. At times like these I wish I was a millionaire. She bought a darling little one-bud vase--I wish I could show it to you, but it's packed so well to travel, I hate to undo it. I bought a wonderful candle called Frazier Fir. The aroma is incredible. I also remembered that there was a little building somewhere off the main street that had thousands (and I mean thousands) of books. I remember spending hours in there when here with Rich. You can barely get through the aisles, book stacked from floor to ceiling, but the man who owns it knew where every book was. It fascinated me. He wasn't there, today, but the man who was working said, "It's true. He can put his hands on any book anyone asks for. I'm pretty good, but not nearly as good as he is.) I once had the DVD series, "On the Road with Charles Karalt", and I lent it to someone and never got it back. I was delighted to find it for $5 so I'll watch it when I'm traveling alone, again.

I had an awful nightmare last night. When Rich traveled, he would call me every night without fail. I dreamt that he was traveling and he didn't call for a week and I was panicked and going to everyone I knew to tell them that something must have happened to him and they were telling me that I was over-reacting. I kept trying to find someone who would listen. I called the police and his brothers and friends. I finally called my sons, and they said the same thing. Susan woke me--thank goodness. I have this dream in different forms all the time...I can't finish something, I can't find something, I'm trying to do something and things keep stopping me.

Susan said she would order the train tickets, but I was worried that there wouldn't be any seats left. I decided once she was at the place to take the Jeep ride that I would order them so I called to tell her. When I got to the train station and ticket office, the woman said, I don't think I have any for Wednesday. I wasn't sure if Susan had made her reservations to go horseback riding on Tuesday, the only thing she had time to say was that she had made them. That left me in a predicament because we planned to take a ride to Telluride on Thursday because it's supposed to rain. The lady at the counter confirmed that it was definitely going to rain on Thursday. As I was standing there trying to figure out what to do, a cancellation came in. So, we got the last tickets. Thank goodness or we would have missed the train ride.

This is Susan in front of the train station before she left.
We were goofing off a little.

When Susan returned, she said she had a good time, but got a little nervous because they had car trouble before they reached the very top of the mountain. It crossed her mind that maybe she should have taken my taser when I offered it--what if he made it stall on purpose, but as it turned out he was very nice. She said the colors were beautiful. We think the train ride up to Silverton will have an even greater show of leaf change. Some people have said it's the peak week up there.

Here are some of the pictures she took. Not many because the driver said they would stop to take pictures on the way back, but she told him not to stop the Jeep so it wouldn't stall.

Susan who weighs 105 lbs soaking wet has a huge appetite. I mean three squares a day, but she eats all the right things. When I picked her up there was one little shop she wanted to revisit, and then we looked for restaurants (I don't have a very big appetite when I'm traveling).

We chose a lovely place called Cypress. We ate out on the balcony and it was very pleasant.

Back at the RV Park watching the debate.
I'm wearing my George Bush sweatshirt that says, "Do you miss me yet?"

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  1. I don't know how I missed your previous post. You and Susan are very busy even when you don't do all the things she does. Pictures are wonderful. Hope your back pain eases up


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