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Sep 10, 2016

Not the Best Day to Try the SLR

I had such a horrendous day, yesterday, that I'm not even going to blog about it. It's behind me and today is a new day.

I should have stuck to my trusty Panasonic. I first had intentions to drive to South Fork, then changed my mind and decided to go to Lake City--the Silver Thread Trail. The scenery was breathtaking at some points which is why I said it was unfortunate that I took today to switch cameras. It didn't help that it was an overcast day. I have included a couple of my pictures, but also some links to some very good pictures.

Passing through Pagosa Springs, I thought it might be a good place to get a haircut. The GPS directed me to a place called Snips. I called them and they said it would be about an hour and a half. I really didn't want to waste that much time, but it gave me time to have lunch and gas up the truck, and time to spare. I didn't have a great choice, so wound up at a KFC. I have never had such poor service in my whole life. Everyone who had ordered was upset. Forty-five minutes to get the order. I don't know what kind of problems they were having. If I hadn't had the nearby hair appointment, I would have left. I felt sorry for the kid at the register, he was getting all kinds of grief, and it wasn't his fault.

I ate lunch and went on over to Snips and got there at 1:30 which was the time they said they could do it. Finally, at 2:15 I said, I really can't wait any longer and they asked if could I wait just 5 minutes. I did, and I got a haircut.

I was concerned because I wanted time to wander around the towns; that didn't happen, and I didn't make it all the way to Lake City because I had to get back to the trailer before dark. I can't see to drive at night.

I went over Wolf Creek Pass which was an experience in itself. They say it's over 10,800 feet and I believe them. The scenery is beautiful and the roads well engineered. My gas gauge decided to quit. Seemed to begin, again, at lower altitude.

I "think" my fridge is fixed thanks to a lady at a hardware store, yesterday. She took time to purge my tank--it had vapor lock. She knew more about things than most men I know. It probably was that she had more patience.

The last two hours coming home were difficult because I was driving west and it was very difficult to see. Fortunately, there's not traffic out here, but I was worried about hitting a deer. I saw wildlife signs all day, but I think someone put the word out that I was coming and all wildlife should stay in the woods. I won't post it, but I took a picture of a sign that said "Don't Feed the Wildlife". A man had a little Yorkie with him and was looking at the falls, too, and I asked him if he was wild. I think the Yorkies are so cute--well, all dogs are cute. I can walk, but can no longer walk up inclines so unlike in 2010, I had to be satisfied looking at the falls from a distance.

It was a long day of driving. I miss talking to Rich about the scenery. Jack and Lizzie used to listen to me and even that filled some sort of void. Where to tomorrow?


  1. That was weird my finished comment just disappeared into Cyber Heaven.
    We also hate trying to find someplace to get a decent haircut when we are traveling. You explain what you want but they still do it their way.
    You are right about having someone to talk to when traveling. It helps you to remain calm while driving yet keeping you more alert.
    Great scenic pictures. When traveling around Home we mostly use the point and shoot camera but on long trips Kathy uses the large DSLR. If we are in wildlife preserves it becomes my job when I strap on both the DSLRs.
    Not sure where the Lake City is located but the scenery does look amazing.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Blogger seems to "lose" comments quite often. I don't know if this is a decent haircut. It's straight and sticking straight up on my head right now. I look like a scared chicken. If you are ever in Colorado drive from Durango to Bayfield to South Fork to Creede to Lake City. It is an incredibly scenic route. Oregon, Idaho, and Washington State still remain my three favorite states, but that was really a pretty drive, yesterday.

  2. I never gave a thought to the fridge being vapor locked. I had that happen on a trip to Williams, AZ between the cold and the altitude the fridge quit. When we headed out the Ladie at the desk told me where to go for propane an the problem. The guy was great and emptied the tank as he said someone mixed the mixture. Anyway he got me going and charged me $4.35.

    But I understand about not having someone along to share with. But your doing great. The pictures are wonderful

  3. Well, that fixed the gas part, Jo, but not the electric. I just finished a post a couple of minutes ago. The plug in behind the grate in the back of the fridge was never plugged in. Well, I think it was, but one of the guys that came to fix the hitch in my driveway was doing something back there, and I think that he may have forgotten to plug it back in. In all the reading I've done on the web I hadn't read that or if I did I forgot. Fixed, now! Thanks for reading. Pats and hugs to Fred.


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