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Sep 7, 2016


Maybe I've been alone too long. As I was driving on CR 501 I kept seeing these signs.
My first thought was, "Wow, what great people to risk their lives and save the animals in the forest from fire." A few seconds later I saw the flaws in that thought and wondered whether it helped the wildlife to find the road so they could run out faster. Then, I realized they can't read. After seeing quite a few of them I realized that I misread the sign. I read, "Wildlife Evacuation Route." Time to sit in a recliner and watch TV.

I took a lovely ride around the lake, today, and into Bayfield for a couple of necessary items I needed--Snickers bar. The other side is still a dirt road. I decided to continue up another road when I saw this sign.
I turned around. I know I'm getting old. In 2010, I might not have.

It's raining so hard in south New Mexico that they expect severe floods in Silver City. I contemplated going that way. The weather has been beautiful here. This park has everything anyone could want including wonderful owners. I thought I'd make a reservation to come back after I drop Susan off on October 3, but they close October 1. Several people have told me being here after the middle of October is somewhat "iffy" as far as snow goes. I have to do some thinking as I had originally made arrangements to meet someone in Grand Junction so she could try camping.

I walked out the door, tonight, and there was a stack of wood for me to have a fire. I walked up to the office (I get lost everytime I try to get in or out of this park) to pay for it. I think what might have happened was it was ordered by another site. They told me to keep it, but I said I was going to buy some anyway. What is camping without a campfire? It looks like it may sprinkle, tonight, and I have no kindling so I'll have to get it tomorrow and I'll take pictures of my fire. Sure wish some of my friends were here to enjoy it with me.

I saw this old truck along the side of the road and I had to get a picture of it. I've noticed before that when people don't want or need something in the country, they just dump or park it somewhere.

I did decide to stop at Pura Vida for lunch just for Old Times. They are still Jimmy Buffet fans. I spoke to the owner for quite a while. He's going to Vegas to see one of his shows in October. I took a picture, but won't bore you with it. It was a street sign that said, "Jimmy Buffet Way." I started eating on the deck like last time, but suddenly yellow jackets decided they wanted my hamburger. I grabbed everything and went into the screened area. Blogger decided not to import my picture of the marina and lake.

I was on my way to take a picture of some old farm buildings (I like to take pictures of things that I know won't be here some day) and I came across this. My Mom had one and when I was a kid I was what they called a "Mother's Helper" for two little boys and I used one of these--it had a ringer that I'd wind to squeeze water out of diapers before hanging them to dry. One was two and the other 10 months. I worked from 6 to 6 every day except Sunday for $20. Their Mom had been burned and the church paid me. I thought it was great pay when I was 12 or 13. I guess it kept me out of trouble when I was a kid. Anyone remember them?

Now, again, walking along minding my own business and this is what I saw. This bear really loved his berries. Uh, bear spray and taser in the trailer.

Some casualties of the fire still very evident.

Last but not least. I met a bunch of friends, today. I tried to send a video to my granddaughter who loves cows, but it was too big. They were very curious and listened when I spoke to them.