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Oct 25, 2012

A Light at the End of the Tunnel...

My tests were last Friday so I was starting to worry that they found something they couldn't fix because I haven't heard a word. Last night I decided the best way to get a call from a doctor would be to take a morning shower and lather my head with Shampoo. It works like a charm. The phone (in the bathroom with me) rang.

There's a laundry list to be dealt with, but the main problem is two fractures. They will fix them and fix the slippage with fusion. This afternoon they will call with more information and a date for surgery so we can make arrangements.

I called the vet to see if they know someone who will stay with Jack. They will call me back, later. He is my main concern. As long as I have waited for this call, I can think of a million things I should have asked, but at the moment I was just so grateful that they can do surgery.


  1. It is such a wonderful feeling when they say it is fixable. And one step at a time will get you to feeling good again. Sure wish I was there so I could take care of Jack for you.

  2. You're a sweetheart, Sandie. Thank you. I know Jack would have a ball with you and Jim. Can't wait to be back on my feet, again. Did I miss Jim's results. I've gotten behind several times, but last I read I know he was going to have stents put in. Hope all is well with you, Maybe now that I'm fixed I'll have the good fortune of meeting you on the road one day. :)

  3. Now that's a good approach to getting a phone call from the doctor! It has so many side benefits, too! Glad you got some good news on this. Get back on track as soon as you can. We'll be praying for you.

  4. Thanks, Russ! I will be so glad to be able just to walk, again, and hope, as I told Sandie, that I'll meet you and Donna down the road. Thanks for caring enough to write and for your prayers.

  5. I can't believe you have been soldiering on with two fractures. SO glad you will be getting this all taken care of. Jack will be so happy too. We are sending our very best to you!!

  6. I don't think soldiering includes whimpering, Sherry! :) I think the doctor may have been a bit surprised, as well, although he's a very mild mannered person. I can't wait until I take my first walk with Jack. As you well know, we tend to take the little things in life for granted until they are taken from us. Thanks for stopping in. I wish the best for you and David. I'll learn more about date, etc., tomorrow--expecting a long recovery--hope, however, that I can keep up with you and David on your blog, and that we'll all be where we want to be, soon.

  7. What wonderful news to know it can be fixed and you can start to live again and take nice walks with Jack to your favorite park. I wish I was near so I could help out. I will be with you in spirit and heart.

  8. Thank you, Jo, for such kind words. Maybe I'll almost be able to keep up with your pace. ;-) I appreciate your kindness.

  9. So glad you are going to get some help. Maybe after you get all fixed up you can plan a trip to Oregon.

    1. Donna, if I ever have another destination in life, you know it will be Oregon. ;-) Thanks for stopping by.


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