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Oct 16, 2012

Good News About Jack!

I took Jack for his second Lyme Disease shot, yesterday, and since we were so close to November I thought maybe I could get his annual physical behind us. That way, if I'm laid up for a while I know it's been taken care of. They said he looks great. He's looking a little trimmer at 90 lbs; that worried me, but then that's just me--I'm a worry wart. I'm sure the swimming and activity in Kentucky played a part, and of course Susan's walks with him to the nature center. Okay...this is huge! They just called. His numbers are great! Whoo Hoo!
My Handsome Boy
I went to the doctor last week, they took more X-rays, but even with the MRI and comparison X-rays, they cannot determine the cause of pain because the pain doesn't travel to my extremities. I almost fell off the chair when he said myelogram as I still remember the awful experience I had in the early 80s when I had one to try to determine what was wrong with my neck. This situation is just the reverse. The neurosurgeon didn't feel that surgery was worth the risk after the myelogram. It wasn't until the MRI came to Atlanta several years later that they could determine what type and where surgery was needed. A very happy day in my life as it was THE END of 15 years of unrelenting pain. I'm hoping this goes the same way, but doesn't take as long to diagnose.

The doctor offered me pain killers the other day, but I don't need them as they are built in. Unlike the cervical spinal problem that never stopped (nothing helped the pain) I just have to sit or lie down and I get immediate relief. As reluctant as I am to have this test, if I want to walk, again, I have no other option. I'd be less than candid if I said I'm not nervous, but gotta do what I gotta do. So, I have already donned my big girl panties and I'm going into it with a positive attitude. I made a mistake the day I found out, by looking it up on the web. I haven't read anything about it since! Patients who haven't faired well with it reminded me of how gruesome it was. They have to be in the minority--people are more apt to write about bad experiences than good. I was nervous about the shots, and as it turned out, they were a breeze. They have probably come a long way with the myelogram as they have with everything else.

Susan and I had a very pleasant dinner, last night, at Marlows; Delicious hamburger for me and vegetarian for her. I'm so glad she's here for Jack. She loves him as much as I do and he's crazy about her. I'll have to have someone come in to take care of him during the day, then she'll take him at night. The only snag is that her hours aren't consistent because of the rotating shifts at the hospital. Things are so much more difficult without Rich. Medical facilities are so insistent that you can't drive yourself even when you're getting no sedation AND with the shots, the driver had to stay the entire time. I'm hoping since this will take a good deal longer that I can get there on my own and only have to ask someone to pick me up when I'm finished. I hate taking my kids away from their jobs, and friends away from their lives. I'll work it out as I go.

My son, John, called to ask what's going on. He asked if I wanted to go up to his cabin. I told him I have to find out what's going on, first. He's so pleasant. He said, "That's fine. Just let me know when you want to go." He shows me all around. He knows how I love to ride around the back roads.

Michael texted me and his girls that he had landed, yesterday. Peyton, his youngest practically squealed through her text she was so happy he was home and asked him if he could bring her lunch to school from Subway so she could see him. Of course the answer was, yes, and then a text asking Keely, his eldest, whether she wanted one, too. He has such a pleasant way with them. I hope they realize how lucky they are. I know John and Lisa's kids do, but they are older.

He was in San Antonio on business which included a 150 mile bike ride for Multiple Sclerosis. His company, Swett & Co., do a lot of good for various charities; one being one of my favorites, "Wounded Warriors. I think it's the longest ride he's done. He made me laugh writing on Facebook, "I haven't had a case of diaper rash like this since Farmingdale." Here's a couple of pictures from the race.
Michael and Team Mate Kristin Hager

After wandering home from Kentucky last week, I sure wish Jack and I could hitch up and just set off for parts unknown. I found myself falling asleep at noon and waking at 6 p.m., yesterday, out of pure boredom. Now that I know he's healthy, and hopefully I'll be healthy, who knows--maybe I'll go down around the Texas coast or somewhere in January or February. Have to see.

I finally got this place vacuumed. Jack shouldn't have any hair by what was on the floor! He's a funny pup. When I leave the house I always tell him, "Be a good kid, I'll be back." When I return, he's always up on the couch, sleeping, where I always sit.


  1. So glad to hear Jack is doing well. Now we just need to get you on your feet. I hope the test is not too bad and that a way is found to help you.

  2. Hey Jack, you big old sweetie you. Mom said you are doing really great and feeling good. So glad to hear it. I don't take over Mom's chair when she's gone, I take over her side of the bed and her pillow. So comfy. Hope you got a treat over that good news. We deserve treats for any reason don't we?


    Okay - I got the computer back from Scooter. And no she doesn't get a treat for any reason. I would think with all the new technology and progress that's been made in the last 20 years, that hopefully your test won't be as bad as you remember. I know Jim's second heart by-pass wasn't near as bad as the first one. So we're praying the test goes well, that your doctors can get it all figured out, and that you can walk again and get south after the first of the year. And, please, let friends help you out. That's what life is about. Helping and serving others. We need to give others the chance to serve when we need help. Then we can help someone else when it's their turn to need help. Keep us updated on what's happening.

  3. So glad to hear Jack is in top form. Now you can concentrate on getting you there too so the two of you can go off and make wonderful memories together. I think Jim & Sandy are just right in saying that it's just as good to accept the help of those who love us as it is to give it. I know you would not hesitate a moment to help those you love. That's how they feel about you.

  4. Thanks for celebrating Jack's good health with me, gals.

    Everyone, including my kids, is more than happy to help. My gripe is with the centers that think drivers need to be in their waiting room throughout my time there. There's just no reason for that, imo. I think it's because they don't want the inconvenience of having to make a phone call.

    I'll know more, today, so I'll be able to make plans.

  5. Fred is happy to hear Jack is well. Fred can't reach or he would type. LOL
    I will keep you in my deepest thoughts for your speedy recovery. I like that you are making yourself
    ready and are keeping a positive attitude.

  6. oh such a sweetheart ... wow... I am so far behind in blog reading! I've read your latest post and jeeeez I'm with you ... I just get .. well... I'm not a good sick person at all and I don't like tests ... hope you will get on to Texas... and hope to meet up with you ... pretty sure that's where I'll be too


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