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Oct 5, 2012

Close to Disaster! Where to begin...

We had a wonderful time with our friends. I got to run and play  and SWIM in the lake. Nancy and her friends laughed a lot - through thick and thin. Before I forget, here's a picture of the lock that still works believe it or not, thanks to Nancy's friends, Terri and Wilson.

Well, it's getting late and I haven't even told my story! Nancy has been fiddling for hours trying to make collages so there aren't so many individual pictures, but they all disappeared! Now, she's mixed up as to which pictures she included and which she didn't.

Each morning was "OUR" time. All of my friends and I got to go down to the water--well, not some of the foo-foo ones, but Buddy the Bulldog got right in there, and Carly! She reminds me of me when I was little--so much energy. I'm an old guy, now, and I can't keep up. We had a blast, though. I "think" I may have been the noisiest because I was so excited and I wanted either Wilson or Nancy (I love Wilson) to throw the ball for me. Gads, c'mon guys. I waited a long time to get to the lake!

Nancy just said she's going to tag pictures in at the end, maybe. (In other words, this is a mish mosh because she is tired from the "incident" that happened on the way through the hills and hollers to this field where we are camped.) Very nice people, but Nancy is using her own Verizon hot spot because it really is a "field" with an electric and water outlet.

We all went into Paducah one day. Well, my friends didn't, but Nancy and me and her friends did. They shopped around in a bargain store, stopped at a grocery store and then stopped to have lunch. You'll see the pictures later on.

Each night (except the rainy night) they had a campfire. This was the first time Nancy left me in the trailer. When I was younger, I didn't want her to leave me, but I was so tired and I could hear that they were all near so all was well. They enjoyed delicious dinners. Everyone pitched in, but generally speaking Patricia is the chef. Nancy always kids her about having an invisible refrigerator truck behind her motorhome. Nancy did make banana pudding (which seemed to be a big hit) and tried to supply snacks (can't spell the "h" word). She was telling me how all food tastes good at campfires. ::I wouldn't know, Nancy, if you get my drift.::

Okay, there is too much to relate as far as all that happened except to say that even though Nancy couldn't keep up with everyone because of her back, they were true friends and didn't mind. We went just to see our friends so mission was accomplished. We don't know if or when we will see them again as they are from all over the country.

Nancy had contemplated camping over to Lexington with one of her friends who is leaving, tomorrow, but plans changed because it is supposed to rain so Erlene and Nancy decided against it. Nancy started out of the campground thinking she would take the interstate, but at the last minute changed her mind and reset her GPS to "no highways". She boo-hooed for quite a while--she gets sentimental. The ride was very nice. Through lots of country side--even saw a herd of bison. There were elk, but they were too far away for us to get pictures.

So, we found a campground on the GPS. Nancy called and they had room. Good. We reset the GPS and noticed that a red Jeep was being very patient behind us when we turned onto a narrow country road. We are going the speed limit, but you know generally you'll have someone who follows for a long time pass, eventually. Well, he followed her right into the dirt driveway of the field. Very nice guy. He pulled up aside the passenger side and said to Nancy, "Do you have a propane tank on the front of your camper?" ::ut oh!::

Nancy said, "Yes", of course.

He said, "I think you lost it about 6 or 8 miles back at the red light. I've been following you trying to warn you, but I couldn't see if you had your tank or not. I saw it bouncing around under your truck and trailer with sparks aflyin'. I didn't want to get too close"

Well, we had lost it. "Oh, no, said Nancy as she got out to look." We had just gotten propane. The guy must have forgotten to tighten it when we switched tanks. Gauge and all was gone.

Nancy was worried that it might be a danger to someone else. She darn near blew up the whole town (forgot the name--begins with a D). The guy asked her if she was going back for it. Nancy said, "No, but I better call the police and let them know that it is somewhere back there." She said she would be nervous driving with a loose and possibly damaged tank in the truck or trailer.

The guy said, "It went off the side of the road into a ditch. I know exactly where it is. Another car isn't going to hit it." I think he was going to lead Nancy back to where it was, but Nancy told him if he wanted it, and it wasn't damaged, he could have it. It had an expensive gauge on it so if it survived, he could have that too. He said he'd go back and check and if it was damaged, he'd call the police. Otherwise, he'd take it.

Boy that was a scary thing. Nancy was cringing at what "might" have happened. Then she told me, when we were taking a walk in the pet walk, "All's well that ends well, Jack. Tomorrow is another day." ::I didn't say it, but I thought, "That's what I'm afraid of."::

Here are some pictures. They may be crazy, but will get fixed later. Nancy said she's sure she may have duplicated some and left out others. It isn't easy to sort through a couple hundred pictures.

Nancy apologizes for the few people she may not have included. It was an error of omission.

We're still on central time so Nancy decided to take me out one more time before bed. We no more than got to the pet area when the skies opened up and it started to pour. Nancy got drenched. She always has towels inside the door to dry me off, but I really think she needed them more than me. Now, it's thunder and lightening.

We sure miss our friends. I realized this trip that Nancy just can't do the things she used to. She walked me more than usual at home, but I could tell she was really hurting. Her friends, especially Wilson took me for some of my walks. I love that because like with Susie, I can walk faster. They are such fun. We love them all--two-legged and four legged.

Well, she had to steal it, but Nancy got the picture of the lady she hopes we can visit one day. She is an inspiration to Nancy for reasons too personal to discuss, here, and an incredible artist - see the link to "Erlene's Fiber Art" on the sidebar. She's off hither, thither, and yon with her pup, Toby. She is one cool lady.


  1. I'm so happy you got to go on this little adventure. But sorry Nancy is now feeling pain. As for the propane tank that could have gone very wrong but it didn't so that is something to be grateful for. Love the pictures. Great group of helpfull friends who took good care of you both.

    1. Thank you, Miss JoJo. They are a great group of friends that Nancy and I have. Thank you for stopping by. - Jack

  2. Jack it looks like you had a wonderful time with some wonderful friends. I'm glad you are understanding of Nancy. Sometimes you have to take extra special care of your human.

  3. Hey Jack - looks like you got a little mouthy about the ball. Good for you. We need to keep these humans of ours in line and let them know exactly what we want and when we want it. Right now!!!! Sure sorry your Nancy isn't feeling good. My Dad is having a hard time taking me for walks too because of his leg. He got his back fixed and now the leg won't work. But he does the best he can. Skittlez doesn't like to go for walks so we leave her home and that's fine with me. She can be such a pain. Sure glad to hear that nothing bad happened to you guys with that propane tank. Never a dull moment is there. Give your Mom a big kiss from us girls.

    Scooter and Skittlez (she made me put her name on here)

  4. Just got caught up with you, since our WIFI connections have been few and far between. I guess there is something to be said for having all your bad luck in close sequence, but that can stop now! You should be way ahead of the game for awhile. Sure hope so. Sorry to hear of all your troubles, but you've had a lot of good times in between, so that always helps. Glad you've had a chance to meet with friends and enjoy them. Nothing better than friends, family, and dogs! Especially, dogs, eh, Jack?

  5. I'm with Russ. The poor door and losing the propane tank and Nancy's back. That's enough! David had a steroid shot for his back which really helped but he may have had something other than Nancy has. I hope there's something they can do for it to get her back to being pain free. Nancy does take really nice pictures of you Jack but then you are so handsome.

  6. How nice to come back to my blogging friends. I am very fortunate to have you--you have no idea how many times you have lifted my spirits or made me feel that people deal with bad things all the time. I am fortunate, too, to have such wonderful camping friends. We used to camp together all the time. In 2010 I went west. In 2011 Jack was sick. This year it's my back.

    Sandie, is it Jim's sciatica that's giving him trouble? Sherry, oh, so glad the steroid shot worked for David. For some reason a series of two each did nothing for me, and the doctor wasn't surprised. Russ, I know you and Donna have had a rough year, too. Thanks for stopping by. I'll have to write about my ride, today. :) Jack is such a good traveler--he thanks you for your compliments.


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