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Oct 11, 2012

An Apology

I owe the nice gentleman who exchanged my propane tank an apology. After arriving home I realized that the whole attachment assembly was gone! Something for everyone to add to their departure checklist if it's not already there. The further away from the incident I get, the more grateful I am that I was not on the interstate--hate to even think of what might have happened. I could have hurt, or worse, a lot of people.


  1. Our propane tanks are in a bay in the fifth wheel so hopefully won't be an issue for us. Just so glad you guys are safe and so is everybody else.

  2. So sorry that happened. Hope it is not too hard to replace.

  3. Such a shame that we have to double check the work of everyone in order to make sure it is done correctly. Hope it's not too much trouble to get it replaced properly so you and Jack can have many more travels together after your back is back in top shape.

  4. Looks like the thing just rusted off. Never heard of that happening before but sure it has. Just another thing for us all to be aware of.
    Yes so happy no one was hurt.

  5. Jo, I think the bracket may never have been bolted down. I probably put 40,000 miles on the trailer before finding out they hadn't bolted the stove or the air conditioner down. First trip out I found out very quickly that they hadn't tightened the faucets on. I think they missed a stop on the assembly line. After my trip west, it rained in the trailer. I took it to an RV repair place, the guy got on the roof and said the air conditioner was moved over 5 inches and from what he could tell had never been bolted down. He couldn't believe that I had gone out to the west coast and back (let alone all the trips on the east coast) and didn't lose it. :)

  6. Today's work forces just aren't what they used to be.


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