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Oct 1, 2012

Oh, It's So Good to See My Friends

LBL was not a bad drive. The hosts at the campground aren't very friendly. In fact, they are down right rude. More about that later. We were so excited to see our friends that we figured we didn't want to let it bother us. We wanted to swing by their sites first and then go park. We weren't going to unhitch since we are moving, tomorrow.

So, we took off for the C loop BUT most of the ladies were all walking my friends! A lot of laughing, squealing, and hugging went on--just so good to see her friends. Nancy has been down in the dumps lately so it was good to see her so happy. They had a great time yakking and laughing around the campfire. Nancy felt bad that she didn't have her camera--she had left it in the trailer--too far for her to walk. Wilson gave us a ride to back. When we got "home" we both slept like logs. We were tired!

Now, for today's adventure! It's raining, but Nancy and I were sitting outside under the awning that Wilson helped us put down (Nancy can never remember how to do it). We had a few friends come by and sit with us, and it was just great to be here even if it was raining. It let up for a few minutes so Nancy snapped some quick pictures from under the awning. She'll get better ones when the weather clears on Wednesday. (That's another story--We thought we were reserved through Saturday but the nasty lady at the gate said we leave on Friday. Nancy was asked when reserving the date when she would arrive and how many nights stay. She put arrive on the first for 5 days. Nancy thinks that should mean that she leaves on Saturday. She has run into this in other places. Don't you really reserve 5 nights? Means Friday should be her last night, leaving on Saturday. That's not possible, now, because someone has the site for Friday night. If anything, their computer should not have allowed Nancy's reservation to go through. This is a National Forest Campground--We wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The first section, "D" was packed in like sardines. The sites have no privacy at all--well really none of them do. The sites in section "C" are a lot nicer, and no one cares if they have privacy because we all know each other.

These are the couple of pictures:
Too rainy to see, but that's the lake out past Terri's Rockwood

See What I Mean About Privacy

This is Erlene's Casita. Erlene is from Colorado. Nancy was so excited to see her. And, I met her new pup, Toby. We haven't all had a chance to run and play, yet.

This is Terri's Rockwood--I don't know what Nancy and I would have done without her and Wilson, and of course all the other ladies keeping things light and fun.

This is before all the excitement started.
When everyone left, Nancy went to go into the trailer to get something but the door would not open. Nancy was perplexed and she kept trying and trying to open it. It had not been locked so it just seemed so stupid. She thought maybe it was her and that someone else would come right over, pull the handle and it would open.

So, she finally called Wilson. But not as Nancy thought, the door didn't open for Wilson, either. What a dilemma. She tried everything. Nancy called AAA. Then, she went up to the entrance to tell the lady that he would be stopping and would she tell him that she was in site C70. The lady was angry that Nancy had already moved, but it was getting to mid-afternoon and Nancy was afraid she would be in the way of another camper who was going to take the space. She knew C70 was open (because that's the site she reserved). Still, the lady said she should NOT have moved without speaking to them first. Okay, whatever, lady. We have bigger fish to fry.

The AAA man came, but he didn't know how to get in the trailer. He left after taking some molding off a window that he didn't know how to replace. (Why did you say you had trailer coverage, Nancy?) Now, Terri comes over. Wilson and Terri know EVERYTHING. The only way in was to drill through the lock--the deadbolt lock was only spinning when they tried to open it with a key. Good thing Nancy travels with lots of tools, including a drill, in the back of our truck. How it got locked we will never know. They worked and worked and finally the door popped open! The deadbolt lock is shot, but the regular lock still works so it's not tragic, but something that will need to be fixed in the future. We can't thank them enough for being so caring and determined to get us in! Good reminder as to why Nancy has really loved this group of women, and she never even met Terri before! That's just the way they are. Now, this is the time Nancy should have had her camera, but it was in the trailer! What a sight!

Between the dampness, cold, and tension Nancy's back is not in such good shape at the moment. The heater is drying everything out--I didn't think it was possible we've been cold and wet all day.

I think Nancy is going to give it up and go to sleep--probably for the night. She feels bad that the other ladies spent their afternoon helping her, but they are a riot. They love fixing things and they said it would have been a dull afternoon if we hadn't gotten locked out. Their goodness is hard to believe, isn't it. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain, again. I wonder what kind of trouble Nancy will get in. Hmmm...


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  2. Good grief - what kind of nasty hosts has the National Forest Campground hired and why would they keep them. grrrrrr is what I say.

    And what a pain about the door. Another GOOD GRIEF! I sure hope things get on the upswing for you two. You don't deserve all this. You just should be having a great and wonderful and fabulous time with your friends.

  3. I sure would report the camphost to the NF people like that have no business hosting anything.
    So sorry about the door. Jack, Nancy, needs to know those people wouldn't have it any other way.
    Sounds like really good people. Glad you and Nancy are is such good hands. Hope rain quits and the sun
    comes out and dries up all the water. Relax and enjoy.

  4. Seems like there is always someone nearby to help out a fellow camper - nicest people in the world. Too bad the hosts don't have the same attitude.


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