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Oct 1, 2012

Secret Plans

It's Sept. 14.  Nancy's got the itch to hitch--bad back or not. I think because it's getting a bit cooler out. She belongs to a group of women who camp solo, many of whom have become lifelong friends. They will be camping at Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky along with some of my very best friends and some new ones that I haven't met yet. I am so excited! We have not been able to camp with them since our trip west (except for one weekend with a good friend who will be in at LBL). Nancy has decided back or not, we are going. However, she doesn't want to say anything in case it just becomes impossible to go.

Out came the maps, etc., but Nancy has a learning disability of some sort because she can't put things together ahead of time. I could see her getting frustrated--for one thing she can see print on paper. Only on her Kindle when she puts a light on it. She fell on her head when she was young, I think. One time there was a detour (the true story will never be told) and Nancy was giving her friend, Gail's husband directions. I can't remember, now, whether Nancy said to take the detour or not, and she and Paul just grin whenever the subject comes up. At any rate, it has never been clear who got Gail into such a pickle with directions--whether the detour was to be taken or not. It's for sure that neither Nancy nor Paul will tell! I tell Nancy that it's best that she doesn't give directions to anyone. I KNOW because you should see some of the situations she's gotten us in!

So, she looked for a while, called a campground, then found out it was nowhere near where we want to go. At first we thought we'd like to take the scenic route to Lexington and then take the scenic route over to the campground where the other ladies and my friends are. I told her maybe she's just better off playing it by ear--we are sure to find campgrounds as we travel--just like we did out west. Then, I suggested that maybe she should go early to LBL, camp in a "walk up" site and move over to her reservation on the 1st. When she was making the reservation, she could only get the site for 5 days and thought "walk up" meant people hiking in and hiking out. That's not so at LBL, the "walk up" sites are sites that don't take reservations. She read about that on the ladies' group and felt pretty dumb until a couple of others said they thought the same thing. That way, if Nancy's back is bad we can come straight back home. If it's still feeling okay, we can drive to Lexington after we leave LBL. (sometimes I'm so darn smart I surprise even myself) We can't wait to see our friends and thought a surprise visit would be fun.

Today, she was Ms. Fixit. We went and purchased a new Flag and I watched her put it up (lots of oohing and owwing). The people next door had their house power washed and we suspect that some of the solution blew over and shredded our flag. Since it's improper to fly a flag that is damaged, Nancy replaced it and the pole. She will only buy a Flag that is made in the US, and of course it has to be an all weather Flag. Putting a new pole up was easier than she thought.
What am I supposed to do--I can't reach way up there.

Nancy, I'm not supposed to be out here without my leash. I want to go inside. 

Nice New Bright Flag

While she was at the hardware store, she purchased a little saw that would cut the pole for the homemade closet she made in the trailer. When we went to the coast with Susan, it had come down because the pole was too long to fit in the brackets so Nancy had to glue one end directly to the wall of the trailer. The weight of Susan's wardrobe finally did it in. This time, she was going to use some very strong glue to glue it in the brackets, but decided that she'll take the glue with us (maybe we won't need it) and just reinforce it with Gorilla Duct Tape (doesn't look so great, but does the job, and I don't mind. I don't wear clothes or use the bathroom anyway).
I know, I know, it looks awful. Nancy should have taken a picture before she put the ugly tape up. I wonder what those little nails are. Nancy says she doesn't remember what she was trying to do when she put them there. ::eyes rolling::

This is the other end. That little white thing was an attempt to make a bracket when she was in Oregon--she only had five minutes to use the glue she mixed. What a fiasco that was, but it lasted right up until this year.
This is the tub. Nancy will fill these and more with water so in case she wants to shower she can (no hot water, but it won't be ice cold. And, if we have to park at Walmart, she can use the bathroom.

She wasn't finished, yet. She covered the couch for me (sometimes I like to switch over from the bottom of her bed to the couch and she has plastic sheets to put under our sheets for when it rains)

Nancy has to fix the shade on the right. The cords are fine, but it won't stay up. I think she has the tool to do it, but I'm not sure. She said she's going to ask some of her friends on the RV Groups on the web. We don't eat at the dinette. The little table between our beds is great for the computer when we're parked. It's usually turned sideways so I can put my head on it if I want. Other times, the computer rides on the queen bed where Lizzie and I used to sleep.

Now, she just has to organize the queen bed and the bunk (storage), but she was too tired, today. She also has to wipe everything down and wash the floor. I know Nancy, if she gets everything done and it's cool out, we'll be going sooner than I thought. When? That remains to be seen.

In the meantime, I'm going to get my rest...that is if she'll quit flashing that camera in my face! Maybe if I give her a dirty look.