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Oct 6, 2012

We're Home!

Nancy is so glad we made the trip to see her friends, and I'm glad I got to see mine, too. They were so good to her. The trip was good for a few reasons. It made Nancy see that she can't keep up any more. Period. She needs to see the surgeon since the shots and PT didn't do anything. I keep telling her I'll be fine, but she worries about me.

I think Rich was with us this week. First, the drive train belt went in the driveway, not on the road, but they were able to get it fixed so we could still go. Wilson and Terri were able to drill through the latch to get into the trailer, and the biggest thing of all was that we didn't blow ourselves or anyone else up when we lost the propane tank. It taught Nancy a lesson (an expensive lesson) to never trust what someone does. She should have checked how tight the guy put the tank on. It was raining so she took his word that she was "All Set". She was thinking, today, that when the guy said the propane tank bounced around under the trailer and blew sparks so bad that he thought it was going to explode, then came shooting out from under the trailer and into a ditch, we really did avoid a disaster not only for ourselves, but for others. It could have happened on an interstate and had terrible consequences instead of a country road. I told her maybe Rich made it go in the ditch. She just smiled.

She listened to her iPod all the way up and back and didn't get past the "Ds". That's how many songs she has.

Thank goodness sitting doesn't bother her! On the other hand, if she had pain all the time she might have done something about it. We took all backroads home. She's anxious to trace her route on the atlas, but I can tell you we hit no traffic until Atlanta. We saw a lot of very pretty places in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama, and even saw some places she hadn't been in a long while in Georgia. It sure was the long way!

We had a doozy of a thunderstorm in the middle of the night. Nancy said she doesn't think it was the loudest she's ever heard because we were in the trailer, she has never heard thunder that loud anywhere in her life. Fortunately, she's not afraid so I'm not afraid.

We're both beat from the long ride. Oh, pin a rose on Nancy. She backed the trailer in beautifully as tired as she was. She didn't unhook--she's saving that for tomorrow. She'll do the five minute up/10 minutes down until she gets it unhooked and laundry, etc. out.

I'm going to bed to dream about our next trip to a lake AFTER Nancy gets her back fixed.