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Nov 1, 2012


Mary is still going through her treatment. She has her ups and downs. It breaks everyone's heart. She has to take steroids for one week out of the month and she doesn't feel well during that week.

The Make a Wish Foundation is sending her, my other little grand niece (her sister), my niece and nephew to Disney World. She's very excited and her doctors have changed the week of the steroids to another week so she'll feel better.

When I worked for Nortel I had the pleasure of meeting Henri Landwirth. He is the founder of Give Kids the World. It's a place for families to stay for the time they are visiting Disney. It's such a wonderful place that some kids would rather stay there than go to Disney. That was twenty years ago. I can't imagine how great it is, today. I was so happy to hear that she's having this experience along with the main event! She's very excited.

Aren't they a beautiful family? They are all my heroes. When I get nervous, I think of Mary and feel like a fool.