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Oct 1, 2012

Tommorow Morning!

September 28: Nancy has been preparing all week, albeit five minutes at a time. She just came in after carrying a few more things to the trailer moaning, "Jack, my back!" Such a drama queen. Now, all that's left are the computer and chargers, and a few last minute items. To the trailer or truck, back, sit down, rest. To the trailer, back, sit down, rest. This has been going since she got better. Hitching up should be interesting, tomorrow, but Nancy is determined. Having paws and no hands, there's really nothing I can do to help, so I'll just get my beauty rest and wait for her to say, "C'mon, we're ready!" Still can't publish a post until the 30th when she's in Kentucky. Probably at a McDonalds or somewhere that has wifi! This is going to be so much fun, and Nancy said I could go swimming!!!

We are so excited and can't wait to see our friends. We are going directly to Land Between the Lakes. Dixie emailed, yesterday, and said she'll be coming through Atlanta, today, but she's staying with another friend, and will get an early start to LBL in the morning. At least we don't have to hide evidence that Nancy's been packing. 

I get my second Lyme shot on the 15th of October. Nancy is going to put my Frontline on tomorrow so that I'm fully protected from nasty ticks. The vet said it was okay to do. I'll get my Heartworm on the 5th as usual and then we'll go back to both on November 5th. Lizzie used to get hers on the 23rd. The vet said I had "yeasty" ears the other day when she looked so she gave Nancy Otomax (think that's what it is) to put in my ears twice a day. She remembers, yesterday, saying to herself, "I'll put this here so it I don't forget to take it." Gone. Gone, forever. She called the vet this morning, and went up to get another tube. Almost $40. wasted.

The trailer is ready to go except for the shade, and of course hooking up. Nancy will work on that this afternoon. She sure wishes Michael was here because he knows how to do it. I lay out in the driveway when Nancy is doing things outside.

Nancy has been vacuuming the truck a little at a time. You would not know it by looking at it. For some reason, my hair does not come off the felt borders on the seats no matter what she does. I'll be in that truck long after we are both gone! There has been an odd odor in the truck, and Nancy has been blaming me and some water and milk that were spilled in Asheville. She took all my beds out and laid them in the sun, yesterday, and discovered that they were wet underneath. Two are getting thrown out. :( But, don't forget, Lizzie used to sleep on the passenger side of the car so I still have plenty of space to be comfortable.

Nancy is taking Susan for a birthday dinner, today. Yesterday was her real one, but Ron was busy showing her a great time all day long from a visit to a spa, to a lovely lunch in Atlanta, and out and about after that, dinner, and then cake at Susan's house.

Nancy and Susan went for lunch on Wednesday at a new restaurant called Marlow's which about a mile away, and Ron joined them. Truth be known, we might have been leaving, today, except that we wanted to be here for Susan's birthday.

We were teasing Ron