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Oct 1, 2012

A Blip in Secret Plans

September 20: Nancy got really sick with some sort of intestinal infection on Wednesday; and has been down for the count until today. She said she's feeling human, again, but still weak and her stomach is still sore. She has been drinking lots of water and she can eat, again. At. 3 a.m. she woke with a terrible pain in her head on one side above her ear. That's gone, too. She said, that alone was enough to drive her nuts.

She is going to tell her friend, Gail, about our plans in a few days if she feels strong enough to leave on the 30th. (Gail belongs to the same group that will be camping at LBL, but isn't going). We'll go directly to Land Between the Lakes. We'll just drive half way and then take the 1st to go the rest of the way since we can't check in until 4:30 p.m., anyway.

The plan was for Nancy to stock the trailer a little bit at a time every day until departure. Now, the time has been cut short. She can only make one trip at a time when carrying something. Maybe she'll be strong enough to start, tomorrow.

One fly in the ointment that we didn't consider was our friend Dixie who is going to camp at LBL. She is stopping in Atlanta on Thursday or Friday and she usually stays with us. We don't want her to know, and it takes another day away from packing. It's been so long since we've camped with all these friends that it will be so great to see them, and we'll meet so many new friends.

So, if you had asked me if we were going, yesterday, I would have said, "No way." It's hard to believe that Nancy could have been so sick that even I was worried about her at 3 a.m. this morning. Even she is amazed.

I got the Royal treatment yesterday. First Susie took me to the nature center, then last night, Susie's friend, Ron, came and took me up there while Susie stayed with Nancy. Then, I went again this morning. So, I am getting my exercise! I don't know what Nancy has planned for Kentucky. Swimming maybe!!!??? Oh, I hope so.

I'm going to the vet on Monday. There's a vaccine for Lyme Disease, now. Usually I get my frontline on the 5th so Nancy called last Monday to see if she could give me a small dose before leaving. The vet called back and said, yes, but that they now have a vaccine given in a series of two shots. She feels it is safe to give, and Nancy thinks it's better than risking Lymes. She's done some research on it and it appears to have few if any side effects, plus Nancy trusts my vet.

I think she's going to ask her to look at my back legs--I can't jump up on the couch as quickly as I used to. I haven't been sleeping in my bed, I've been sleeping right next to Nancy on the floor so I would know if she got up. I just kept my fingers crossed when she got up fast a few times that she remembered I was there! That would NOT be a pretty sight.

Well, that's the update.

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