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May 1, 2012

There's a New Dog in MY House and I Don't Like It

I am really put out. All of Nancy's attention has been toward me in the past. I didn't mind when I shared her with Lizzie because I loved Lizzie, too, but a couple of weeks ago she got a brand new dog. I couldn't believe my eyes. And, she moved my bed and let him have MY SPOT. Now I have to sleep on the couch all the time! I don't even like his smell. I don't know what breed he is, but he's stupid looking, in my opinion.

Nancy adores him and pays strict attention to him about three times per day; he sleeps the rest of the time--lazy dog.

Yesterday, I decided to put an end to the attention that this mutt is stealing from me. When Nancy is playing with him I go over and slip my head under her knee so the two of them can't move, and I did it, again, this morning and he punched me in the mouth! Nancy would usually protect me against other dogs, but she actually scolded ME!! She claims she still loves me, but she's playing with him to keep her legs strong because her back hurts and she can't walk--RIGHT! You think I believe that? NOT! Does she think I fell off a turnip truck? Little by little I'll figure out a way to run this guy out of my house--I want MY space and Nancy back to myself. I'm more than a little miffed at her--as she pushed me away this morning, she said, "Drat, I wish I had my camera." She thinks it's funny when another dog tries to beat me up! Next thing I know he'll be eating my sweet potato chips!


  1. Oh Jack. Nancy still loves you bestest of all. You want her to be able to take those walks with you don't you? Well this stupid dog will help her do that. So maybe try to be nice to him because he's trying to be good to Nancy.

  2. Oh poor Jack! It's hard to learn to share isn't it??

  3. poor Jack..hang in there buddy..soon Nancy will be 'running' around the block..won't that be fun and worth the time she is spending with the 'new dog' in the house!

  4. Oh Poor, Poor Jack,

    But your mom really does like you and I am sure that ugly dog doesn't mean much to her at all.
    You do want your mom to be healthy for you right? :) And he sure doesn't have your good looks.

  5. POOR Jack - you are much sweeter and a whole lot cuter than that other dog.


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