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May 12, 2012

Missy Graduates with Honors from UGA

My granddaughter, Missy, graduated from UGA with honors, yesterday. She majored in Chemistry and has accepted a position working for a professor at the university. She plans to pursue a career in Cancer Research. We are very, very proud of her.
The Lovely Graduate

Missy and Younger Sister, Kellie. Amanda, her older sister is a nurse in another city and couldn't attend.

Proud Dad, John and Proud Mom, Lisa

Happy Graduate AND Happy Dad

Happy or What?

Graduation Between the Hedges

John chats with the Master, Coach Vince Dooley. John attended UGA when when they were National Champions in 1980.

Family Picture with the Coach


  1. You certainly do have some lovely women in your family. What a proud day for you all.

  2. Congratulations - what a wonderful example she is setting for her younger sister. And truly beautiful. It is so wonderful that we have these brilliant young minds willing to take on the challenges of diseases such as cancer.

  3. Congrats to Missy!..what a lovely family!!

  4. Thank you for all your lovely comments, blogging friends. Yes, my daughter-in-law is as beautiful as the day I met her. Her parents and I are very good friends and we always compliment each other on what great children we raised and what beautiful grandchildren we have. They really are a wonderful family. John and Lisa's eldest daughter is a nurse and so pretty with a personality to match that she must bring a ray of sunshine into each of her patient's room. She will be into anesthesia like my daughter.

    I wish Rich were here to see them all so grown up. He would have been so proud of what fine adults they have become. Both my sons are wonderful Fathers--they had the very best role model they could have had.

    I said to Missy, "Who knows, you may be the one who discovers a cure for the cancer that little Mary has," She answered, "I hope so Gramma." Never know. She's certainly bright enough.

    Tomorrow, Michael is coming with his two lovely, daughters. They are 14 and 15 years old.

    Well enough of my bragging. Just wanted to thank each of you for visiting and for sharing a little of my life. I'm very fortunate, as you can tell.

    Wishing everyone a happy Mothers Day. I miss my own Mom every day of my life.

  5. This is superior! Congratulations! Please thank MIssy for her fine choice to make our world better and healthier.

  6. Thank you, Levonne, I will. I, too, am pleased with her choice.

  7. Bragging is definately permitted. Congratulations!!

  8. Thanks, Judy! I've certainly done my share!!!

  9. I know you are sooooo proud of your granddaughter. Her educatoin and goals are very similar to my granddaughter, who will graduate in August from Tarleton University, a part of the Texas A&M system.

    We are truly blessed!

  10. Yes, we are, Ellen. Thanks for stopping by!

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