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May 27, 2012

Hilton Head/Lunch With Friends

After Susie took me for a walk this morning, Nancy called Duffy (my friend of Nancy's son) to see if he and Susie (his wife) and two darling little girls could go to lunch. They agreed to meet at their house at 1 p.m. Duffy chose a restaurant called "Up the Creek" so that I could eat with them. Wasn't that nice?

Unfortunately, when Nancy pulled her camera out of the case she changed the settings so the first pictures of the girls didn't come out well--they were too dark and grainy. That's one bad thing about the camera--the settings are too easily moved accidentally. Not to worry, though, Nancy took a picture of a picture so you can see how pretty they are!
Duffy, Susie, Maeve and Ava
Aren't they beautiful. That's Maeve standing and Ava sitting in the chair.
The wind kicked up a few times on the way over, and Nancy and Susie are (well, not really Susie, she's asleep) keeping a close eye, tonight. A tree fell in the park, earlier. Duffy and Susie live in a beautiful area and having lunch right on the water was so nice. Even though it was hot, the breeze was refreshing.
This is Susie (not my Susie), but she was very nice to me. Isn't she pretty?
My Susie


The great restaurant that let me eat with them.
Maeve, the littlest girl stayed under the table with me to keep me company. She was very gentle, and I like kids. The two little girls (Ava is the eldest) were so well behaved--just like little princesses. They like purple as all little girls do.
Maeve was petting me almost all during lunch. :)

Okay, okay, no more pictures of me and my new squeeze.
Ava Busy fixing her drink. Nancy wears a purple wrist band for my cousin's little girl, Mary. Ava made her promise and cross her heart that she'd send her one in the mail. I wish Nancy's pictures had turned out better. She is so cute.
A day of camping with Susie is not complete without shopping. So, first we stopped at the Salty Dog. They LOVE dogs in that place--they sell mostly t-shirts and sweat shirts. Nancy and I waited in the car while she shopped. We heard a strange noise, and look what Nancy found!
This one was noisy.
This one was mumbling.
Then, we went to some nearby Tanger Outlet stores. We listened to the weather reports on the way back to the campground (Nancy had unhooked the electric and water, and put the awning down just in case the wind was bad while we were gone.)

Then we went to eat at Cracker Barrel. Not quite up to Susie's standard, but Nancy likes it. Besides, Nancy never dresses fancy for anyone any more. Duffy took a picture and it looked like she got her shirt from a dumpster. (don't tell her I said that)


  1. You guys pay attention to that storm out your way. Sure happy to see you got your share of loving.

  2. Hi, Miss Sandie! Nancy is keeping an eye out for the storm. It will probably hit during the early hours of the morning. Yes, those little girls are so cute. I'm not used to being around children, but I like them very much. Before I was born the grandchildren used to play with Lizzie in her crate--so, she was very used to kids. But, then, you know we labs are just naturally good natured--not braggin', just sayin'. :))

  3. how great that you find a sweet little girl to keep you company under the table!!..she is cutie pattootie!

  4. I love Hilton Head!!! Did you get any golf in while you were/are there??

    1. Fernweh, if you're asking if Nancy plays golf...THAT'S a funny visual.

  5. Ah yes, can't get enough attention of sweet little girls. Love those places that appreciate the company of a well behaved dog.

    1. And if I may say so myself, I was VERY well behaved! :)


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