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May 9, 2012

An Afternoon in Dahlonega GA

An unexpected surprise was the arrival of a friend, Marie, from Utah. We had an afternoon to catch up and have some fun.

I decided that she'd enjoy the town of Dahlonega. It's not quite as crowded during the week. We could have lunch and gab as all us ladies like to do. Though definitely a tourist town, we enjoyed walking around the little shops. Hard to get a picture without a car or a sign. I sat on one of the many benches scattered about the town while Marie went in to browse in the little shops. I browsed, too, but had to sit down after being on my feet for as long as I could do it. Many of the little shops are closed during the week. Hard to understand why since the town appeared to be busy.

Rich and I used to drive up to Dahlonega on weekends. We always made two stops. One was "The Porch" and the other was for an ice cream cone. I always went in to get it; he thought he was conning me by telling me it always tasted better if I got it for him--the truth of the matter is that I liked to get it for him and see the grin on his face when I handed it to him.

This is the first time I've been able to return since Rich died, though I did take my trailer up for repairs after my trip--the RV repair shop is just outside of town. Funny, Marie was in town then, too, and took a ride with me.

There's another porch in Dahlonega, now--Bourban Street, I think the sign said. It's a little more upscale, but it was closed. I was surprised to see the bear still in the tree, but I remembered it as being different. Somewhere in some old pictures, I'll have to check.

We ran into dead stop traffic on the way back (it's Atlanta), but we met my daughter and Marie's daughter for Mexican, and that topped off the day.

I thought I had taken it easy on my back, but by the time I got home I was in pain--electrical shocks if I moved the wrong way. I have noticed that when I ride the stationery bike, my left foot goes numb, so that makes me sure it's a nerve. I don't do anything but hide from the heat and humidity in the summer (when in Georgia) so when I get back from the coast, I'll hear what the doctor says about success rate of the surgery. Monday, however, I'm going to meet a group of gals that I know, and we will camp about an hour or two from home, depending upon the route I take. It will serve to make sure all systems are go on the trailer and that I can set up and take down by sitting down in between each step. 

My daughter and I will be going to Charleston for 5 days, Savannah for several days, and then to St. Augustine and then we will return home. I'm putting some pictures from today, below. You can still pan for gold in Dahlonega--haven't heard of anyone getting rich, though!