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May 5, 2012

It's Here! The Video of Mary!

If you have a moment, please watch. You'll go away knowing how brave and wonderful these kids are, and what loving care they receive from their families and healthcare providers. Such a pretty song.


  1. What a great video!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank YOU for watching. Those little kids have been through and are going through tougher times than some of us will ever know, yet they remain resilient. I can't say enough about the parents and the Children's Cancer Center at Winthrop for helping my niece and nephew and their other little girl through this very difficult time in their lives. Again, thank you for caring enough to watch. I was so proud of Mary for being able to carry a tune so well. She has 1-1/2-2 more years to go before she is completely off chemo. She's a very special little girl.

  3. Nancy, thank you so much for sharing this video with us. What beautiful children the all are I wish they could
    find a cure and make them all well. Prayers for all.

  4. I always knew that Leukemia was a devastating disease, but until my little grand niece got it, I had no idea how difficult the treatment was nor how long these kids have to fight their battles. Thank you for watching, JoJo.


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