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May 23, 2012

Finally, A Little Action!!

I didn't blog, yesterday, because Nancy's back was really giving her fits so she mostly sat and read. It was just as well because the air conditioner STOPPED--not good in the low country. Nancy went over to the office to get the name of a repair service and lucked out because another man had one coming to work on his. She asked if he would send them over when they were done with his. It had frozen up. Something got stuck in the filter on the part that is up on the roof and he took a piece of ice as big as a quart of milk out of it. Nancy always washes the filters inside after each trip, but he said she couldn't have done anything to stop this from happening. They used Susie's hair dryer to melt the ice and it was fine after that. The man said if it ever happens again that we should run the fan only to melt it, but that these air conditioners only last 4-5 years if we are lucky. So we got off lucky this time.

Now, today was different. We went to the Battery and Nancy took a lot of pictures. She has decided that the little camera is good for taking pictures of people, but not so hot for scenery (She needs to talk to T). We look and look for wild life and we don't see any. Nancy couldn't take as many pictures as usual because she couldn't walk far, but she went from bench to bench and Susie took me for a walk.
We're Hoping to Get to Rainbow Row, tomorrow, but if not Nancy has lots of pictures from our other visits.

One of many cannons in the Battery Park

The trees in Charleston are beautiful. It's hard to believe that Hugo took enough of them to rebuild the city of Philadelphia, and still the city is so green.

Being right on the salt water is very hard on the buildings. You can see how the columns of this house are deteriorating. The economy has taken its toll on Charleston as in every other part of the country--quite a few mansions for sale and many not as spiffy as they usually are.
Here's one being painted/renovated.

This cannon faces the bay--ready to defend.

One of many statues in the park. There's one named after a man named Moultrie. I've been in the town named after him, as well.
After the Battery, we went to Isle of Palms and looked around; then on to Poe's for dinner (Thanks, T).
Hmmm...what to eat...
Out the back door
A Reminder Not to be Rowdy!
We went over this bridge to get to Mt. Pleasant--think it's called Cooper Bridge.
I snoozed when we were driving. When Nancy and Susie go in a restaurant where they don't allow me to go, Nancy leaves the truck running with the A/C on so I'm nice and comfy.

We spent some time on the dock when we got back, but we didn't see any dolphins, tonight.

Sneaking this one in from our last trip. How'd you like to pull this "toad". The guy built it himself and was in the process of building a bigger one. In case you can't see; motorcycle, car, boat, storage.
Okay, I know I'm getting long-winded in this post, but there is just so much I want you to see!
Just some more pretty places in Charleston.

If you made it this far, congratulations! We're hoping to see more of Charleston. All depends on Nancy's back. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Sure wish Nancy's back was feeling better. It's hard to enjoy yourself when you're in pain. There sure are some beautiful homes. I hate the fact we're towing the boat behind us. What kind of a rig is towing all of that weight? Doesn't look very safe to me.

    1. You and me both! I think all the packing, etc., did her in for the day--usually that kind of pain shows up a day or two after exertion. Susie offers to learn to hitch up, but Nancy has a routine and things go wrong if she does things out of order. She will teach her when she gets home and have her go through it a few times. Susie will never uses the camper when not with Nancy--the boys do.

      We didn't even get to the houses that you see on postcards, Sandie! I think Nancy has thousands of Charleston because she's been here so often (since before I was born).

      A Prevost, of course!! (same view as us--we had the site next to him)

  2. Great pictures of a beautiful city, thanks.

    1. Thank YOU for reading. It really is a beautiful city. I meant to put it in my post, but I forgot. The oldest house in the city:

  3. great tour of your lovely day! deserve a good night's sleep!!!

    1. I'm almost there! Thanks for stopping in.

  4. Fabulous blog and pics. I am ready to go back to Charleston, haven't been there since a few days before Hugo hit, yet I keep traveling in the area, just missing Charleston. Looking at your drop dead gorgeous pics, made me want to hop in the RV and go right now. Oh but wait, I am workamping. They might notice if I stay gone more than a few days. Hmm... will have to work on this.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Why, thank you Miss Mermaid! I'm wishing I had kept my SLR, now, but the point 'n' shoot is easy to carry. I sure would have loved to have seen Charleston before Hugo! I was here shortly after with my husband and the devastation was incredible--actually, even two years later was very evident. James Island Park is great to stay in--you can take the shuttle into the city--eliminates the parking problem. It will pick you up and bring you back, too. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Great photos. I love it. We gotta go there!

    1. Hi, Michael!!! Glad to see you're still dreaming of the RV lifestyle. If you plan to come, come in either October or March. Absolutely great weather--of course, I hate the heat so that's just my opinion. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  6. I LOVE all of the pictures. I'm so glad you posted them. I hoped you liked Poe's. Take it easy on that back. Happy snoozes to you Jack and enjoy your excursions with Susan.


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