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May 26, 2012


We arrived in Savannah, yesterday. Taking down was a bit of a problem because of the angle we were on, but we managed to get it done. When we arrived here, at Savannah Oaks, as Nancy was unhitching, the thingy that holds the bar in place snapped back suddenly and whacked her on the back of her left hand (fortunately, she's right handed). It's all sorts of beautiful colors and swollen, but nothing broken. Susie and I just have to put up with, "ouch, ooh, ack, eee, groan" whenever she moves. The nerve problem continues from the antibiotic she took a while back--we don't know if it's permanent or not, but she has realized how much she uses her thumbs, and I have discovered how to make her say, "Ouch!"

Yesterday afternoon, Susie went into Savannah while we stayed back and rested and Nancy took a much needed shower (trust me, it was needed--she was soaked at James Island, dried off in the car, and then was soaked after hitching up here. (did I mention with sweat?)

Today, we took a ride to St. Simon's Island.
This is where Nancy and Rich stayed before they had Lizzie. Nancy has many fond and romantic memories of this lovely place. 
Just for Good Measure

This is the cafe that Rich used to love to walk to because he liked to people watch and he liked their food. There weren't as many places to eat back then--except for a little cafe' where they had breakfast.
Nancy wanted to show Susie St. Simon's Island where she and Rich used to go in the spring and/or fall. To Nancy's shock, Susie said she had brought her, me, and Lizzie there shortly after our Rich died. Nancy still has no recollection of the trip. Even hours later, she didn't remember. Anyway, the island is so crowded this weekend that I think if they put one more person or dog on it, they would fall into the ocean. Susie took me for a walk while Nancy looked for a parking space, and it took a half hour. Guess what, though? Susie found a restaurant (Palm Coast) that allowed me to sit outside on the patio, and they were very nice to me. They got me a bowl of water. I met a BIG friend named Duke. He is a Great Dane and a very nice guy. Nancy Met us there.
I can't believe it, Nancy forgot to take my picture!!! Well, I guess it was difficult holding my leash, trying to eat, and handling the camera so I won't gripe too much.
She did take a picture of me when we were walking. Susie, too.

Everyone stops to pet me and they all tell me how handsome I am. Well, I'm not bragging...I'm just saying'.
On our walk, Nancy said, "Oh, look, wild life!" Susie was being a smart alec and saying she saw another lizard and a woodpecker (big deal) on her run this morning.

We couldn't be on St. Simon's without taking a picture of the light house. You'll see how Nancy solved the white problem! There was a big outdoor antique fair going on--Nancy once bought an old, old wooden ironing board from an antique show in the same place the last time they were together on the island.
Isn't it a pretty lighthouse? That's the lighthouse keeper's house.
Lighthouse History

We drove the 80 miles back to our campsite and will be going back out to go to Savannah for dinner. Hopefully, they will find another restaurant that lets me in. I behave so I see no reason for all the silly rules. Oh, before I forget, Nancy said that she has discovered that her little camera doesn't do well with the color white. Hmmm... See how she solved it in the lighthouse picture? She says, "There's more than one way to skin a cat!" (not a very nice thought)

Nothing more for tonight. Susie (the apple that fell far from the tree) wanted to eat at Johnny Harris, a famous BBQ place in Savannah. From there, we went into downtown Savannah. Nancy and I stayed in the truck in the parking deck while Susie went down to River Street. Not many shops were open so she was back, quickly. Everything is crowded down here--people everywhere.

There are tropical storm warnings up so we'll wait to see if we are evacuated. They close the main artery (316) going east and all lanes are used to go west (inland). That should be fun the way Nancy panics in crisis. :))


  1. you are indeed very 'houdsome'!!..hope that Nancy's hand feels better soon!

  2. sorry that should say 'houndsome'!!!

  3. Well, thank you Miss Sue and Mr. Doug! I hope Nancy's hand is better soon, too. She was in pain holding a piece of fudge, tonight. ::rolling eyes::

  4. Jack, you have to kiss milady's hand until it feels better! Take better care of Nancy because no one on earth will care for you the way she does......if you have to evacuate, have Suzie drive, you and everyone else on the road all be safer. Mac sends his best, he wishes we were camping too. We haven't told him that he has made his last camping trip and the Lady is for sale.

  5. Ms. Gail, Susie can't drive. Nancy would really panic. I don't lick humans--I only licked Lizzie, but I will take care of her. Tell Mac, he may not be alone. We are staying out of the heat. It's buggier here than it was in Charleston. They must not spray at this campground.

  6. Jack, you really must learn to be a gentleman about ladies doing their panic thing. I guess cause our furbabies are girls they understand when I fall apart which I would do if a big storm was headed my way. So be on your best behavior and be sure to be gentle with Nancy til her hand heals. Remember all those stickers she took out of your paws.

  7. Okay, Ms. Sandie, I'll do my best. Say hi to Skit and Scoo for me. I wish I could meet them now that Mr. Jim is feeling better! Well, if Nancy ever gets back out west. If not, we will follow your blog so that we can enjoy reading about your adventures.

  8. I laughed my way through this! Holy cow, y'all are funny!!!!! I hope your hand feels better and you don't have to be evacuated. Enjoy Savannah - its a lovely place to be!

  9. We're supposed to head down to St. Augustine on Tuesday. Just watching and waiting. Nancy once got caught in a down pour on I316 and it was so bad she couldn't see if she was still on the road. Fortunately, she knew there wasn't anyone near her. It passed quickly, but when she got through the rain--yep, she was heading off the highway. Good thing she wasn't on I75. She's a bit worried about pulling the trailer in the wind...but that will be another post...

  10. Oh Jack you just know your the cutest baby ever.
    I hope Nancy's hand is better soon. I also hope you won't have be evacuated.
    Lets just pray the storm goes away so you can continue to enjoy your trip.

  11. Sure hope your hands heals quickly. I know your keeping an eye on the weather and hopefully it will turn out to be a minor rain/wind event and move through fast. Here is what I do when faced with sharing space with lots and lots of them. They can be very entertaining. I am also a fan of outdoor dining with the dog. There was a place in Destin that treated Molly and Jazz like they were the start attraction. They ate it up.

    1. Weather fine so far. Jack was so good, today.

  12. Thanks, Ms. JoJo. Her hand is getting better. The colors aren't as bright! :)

  13. Oh poor Nancy. I hope she didn't break anything. I'm glad nothing fell into the sea from being overloaded too. Probably too many people, but not too many dogs. That looks like a very nice restaurant and that is an excellent picture of you Jack. You are a handsome dog you.

  14. No, nothing is broken. She says her bones are made of steel. :) Thank you for your compliment Ms. Sherry. It's funny how everyone stops to talk to me. Someone had a very tiny puppy the other day. I wasn't quite sure what it was until Nancy told me it was okay. Still, I just wanted to stand back and look because once an 8 week old chihuahua attacked me and scared me half to death!


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