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May 21, 2012

Made it! James Island Near Charleston

It has been a long time since Nancy has packed for a two week trip. All went well except the clothes bar in the bathroom finally succumbed to the clothing of two women. I'll say no more. My clothes don't take up any room. Fortunately, it stays up while we're standing still, but all their neatly hung clothes are wrinkled--oh, well, they are camping!

The ride over was uneventful except we ran into a detour when we turned off to get on 39. We followed detour signs for quite a while. There were two cars ahead of us. Then the road stopped and you could go either left or right, but both had a detour sign saying no through traffic. The other two cars made a u-turn and went back, but Nancy disregarded the sign and went left. (Our friends, Gail and Paul will appreciate that!) We passed a lot of blockades, but Nancy just kept going through and around them. Susie and I didn't think it was such a great idea, but we got to see a few of the backroads, and guess what? We wound up on SC369 which is where we were supposed to be. We'll never know why there were so many signs.

Nancy heard about a tropical storm on the way over that was headed for Charleston. It's staying off shore, making some beautiful weather. Cool and breezy and NO bugs--great sitting out. We sat out for a while and waited for my brother, Michael, and his girlfriend, Laura. Neither of them had ever been to Charleston--they arrived yesterday morning so they've been busy seeing all they can see in two days. They took a walking tour and said it was wonderful. I think Susie is going to go and take me while we are here. Yeah! We sat and gabbed for a while.

That's Me! We have the best people watching site, yet NO neighbors.

Michael relaxing after a short bike ride
Nancy said she's going to look on the info sheet to see how many miles or bike trails there are--bet there's a lot.

Susie relaxing with her grape juice and what else--her phone
When Michael got back from his bike ride, we were going to go to dinner, but we made a detour to go see the dock. We could have stayed until dark--no bugs--and so beautiful.
Brother and Sister, Michael and Susie
Nancy has trouble taking only one of any picture!
Michael and Laura
Marsh was very beautiful

Three dolphins passed us as we stood on the dock. Nancy didn't get very good pictures of them, but Michael got excellent video which I'm sure he'll post on Facebook.

Can you see the fiddler crabs?
We ate dinner at California Dreaming (Nancy Recommends). Blogger objected to adding a picture that she took from inside the restaurant. Susie went back to the motel with Michael and Laura so Nancy and me are all alone.

Tomorrow, Michael and Laura head for home. Susie will probably want to take me over to the dog park in the morning so I can swim. That will be SO much fun. After that, we'll probably do more exploring--maybe even take a ride to Folly Beach. Nancy's going to leave things pretty much up to Susie since she's on vacation, and we're always on vacation.


  1. Hey Mr. Jack - you sure do take a good picture. Looks like nothing but good times for you guys - well except for wrinkled clothes and who cares about that.

    1. I just noticed, I put two of the same pictures of Mr. Nimble. Blogger was giving me trouble . Thanks for stopping by, Sandie!

  2. looks like a great time was had by all!!..nice pictures!!

    1. Gosh, I took so many pictures I didn't know which ones to post. The marshland is so beautiful toward evening. I sure wish I had a better lens on the camera, but I catch what I can and it's hooked to my belt so there's I don't have to carry it. I'll have more as time goes on. We're here for 5 days, and then we move to Savannah and surrounding area.

  3. On the road de da de da da da.....and NO BUGS! hooray, that's a good start. When I read detour I had flashbacks......Paul will too when he reads this.....

    1. I was laughing to myself as Susan was busy worrying because I was thinking of you and Paul. Never saw so many "Do Not Enter", "Detour", and "No through Traffic in my life". Must have gone on for 20-25 miles. Pleasant drive, too.

  4. Beautiful Beautiful pictures. Those portraits are good enough for framing. The ones of Jack included.
    This looks like a fabulous pace for kayaking and camping. Near Charleston. Nice. Is it a state park??

  5. Sherry, thanks for reading. This place has it ALL! Within minutes of Charleston and Folly Beach (I'm not sure if there still is, but there was a shuttle that went from the park to the city). Cities don't come any prettier than Charleston, in my opinion. No bugs--don't know if they spray, but have never encountered them. While I loved Hunting Island State Parks, I couldn't take the bugs. The park itself is a county park. I'm not a kayaker, but it looks to be a kayaker's heaven. Fishing, biking, walking paths. Clean restrooms. I'm in a huge site with no neighbors--like a little island. Great for Jack--he's loving every minute. I've been coming here for years--since my daughter was in MUSC. Highly recommend. My favorite months are October and March--but, it's very pleasant here, today.

  6. I'm so glad you made it safely to your wonderful place. Sound's like nature is cooperating for you. I sure hope it continues. I know this sounds expected coming from me, but post as many pictures as you like. Looking forward to more posts. Molly says Hi.

    1. Thanks, T. I expect to have something to post about, tomorrow. Today, well really tomorrow, was a downer.


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