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Mar 19, 2014

Too Many Pictures to Choose From

This morning it drizzled a little, but we knew it was supposed to clear up by early afternoon. First Nancy took me for a walk. We made it around one loop of the campground and that's all she could do, but I had fun anyway splashing through the puddles and smelling all the new smells.

When we got back to the camper, Susie took me out, again, and we went all around the lake. Then she and Nancy decided to grab Chic-fil-A and head toward downtown Charleston. Susan had an early dinner date with some college friends (she attended MUSC to become a nurse anesthetist) so we knew we were only going to spend a couple of hours in the city.

The sailboats are gone, but the geese and ducks were at the lake. All of our blogger friends get great pictures of wild life. I sure hope we find some this week.

Once again, Nancy didn't want to take pictures of "Rainbow Row" as those pictures can be seen on any blog that's about Charleston and most places on the web. You watch, she won't be able to resist before the week is out. She took far too many pictures as it is to even try to post, here, but some she couldn't resist. I think she took most of them except the ones of the geese and ducks in the space of a block and a half and couldn't walk any more. Susie stayed with me in the truck. It wasn't long before she came limping back.
oooohhh...I love when Susie scratches me like that.
Yes, that is my hair. My vet said she's never seen a thicker coat on a Lab. Nancy just had the truck detailed not long ago. My hair "weaves" its way into the fabric. There aren't any covers that fit the truck when the back seats are up.

Nancy thinks she misinformed you about the earthquake bolts in one of her pictures, yesterday. She thinks they may have been something else. Today, we saw a variety of them in various shapes and forms--she took pictures of most of them, but I decided to post these four. She got a close up of the cross but I wanted you to see part of the building, too.

We came across trees that didn't have any bark. To the touch they were very smooth. We wondered what kind of trees they are. Nancy will have to google. There's also a picture of some sort of vine or unusual bush lining the fence in one yard.

Charleston has many churches. Unfortunately to see many of them up close requires parking in a parking deck and walking to them. We already have those kinds of pictures so Nancy thought it might be nice to capture what she could from a distance--the steeples. The statue of Charles C. Calhoun was in a park--didn't have much time because there was no place to park, but Nancy looked it up when we got back to the trailer.

The first picture shows that no matter where you are in Charleston, you are not far from the water. The others are pictures of houses and gardens that Nancy thinks she doesn't have pictures of even after all our trips here.

Small House, Huh?
Nope, this is the rest of it. The 1st picture may have been the servants quarters at one time.

Too bad it was garbage day.


There are those trees, again!

Well, if you got this far, there isn't much left to tell. Susie went shopping for a little bit, then we headed back so she could get ready to go out. Nancy and I laid down for a minute and slept for two of hours.

I have some trouble with my back legs, now. Not when I'm walking, but I can't jump up onto the bed any more. The first time I tried and fell, it scared me. But, Nancy and Susie helped me up the next time. Now I just to put my two front feet up and they give me the heave ho from behind. I'll have them fully trained before the week is out.

I'm too tired to proof so I'm going to hope for the best. My eyes are closing and Nancy is half asleep. Susie has been snoozing for a while, now. She said she's going to take me for a nice long walk in the morning. Yipee!!!


  1. Morning, ... thatsa lot of hair! but so handsome. Charleston is a gorgeous city. Love the pictures..

    1. Oh, you have no idea, Ms. Carolyn. Nancy threatens to shave me all the time. She says she hopes she can get some pretty pictures of wildlife but there's nothing wild around here from what I can see. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Great pictures of the cormorants and of Charleston Jack. You guys sure have seen a lot. I wonder if your smooth barked trees are Crepe Myrtle.

    1. Ms. Sherry, you are just SO smart! Nancy looked up the cormorants AND, you are right. Those are Crepe Myrtle trees. There's even a YouTube of one and Nancy did the exact same thing as the lady in the video--she rubbed the tree.

  3. Our truck looked like that when we had our Beagle. Now I even miss that when I think about her. I am so enjoying your tour of the city. And my legs don't work near as good as they used to either. So I'm glad you're training them so well to help you. Enjoy your walk this morning.

    1. Nancy was happy when I read that to her, Miss Sandie. It's funny, Nancy could vacuum Lizzie's hair right up, but not mine for some reason. It just wants to stay where I drop it! They are progressing very nicely with their training...thank you.


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