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Mar 15, 2014

The "Ship" Landed

After a day of everything going wrong, Nancy finally hitched up last night. As difficult and painful as it was, at least she got a good nights sleep and didn't have much except for a few last minute things to put in the trailer and truck.

Susie came around 8:00 a.m. and took me for a walk. By the time we got back, Nancy was all through getting ready. She forgot to take a picture in the driveway before leaving, but she got one at a rest stop. 

Nancy changed the setting on the GPS to read "time left" instead of miles to go and we like it better. I slept for most of the trip except when we stopped twice. Once at the rest stop--I didn't even get out that time because it seemed like we were barely out of Atlanta when Susie had to stop. Just got a treat and some water. The second time was for lunch. Susie went in to get something for herself and Nancy walked and "watered" me while she was gone.

Well, Blogger just blew my whole post. I'm NOT happy. So, I suppose I'll finish pretty quick, now, because I'm tired. The following three pictures are to show you site 29 at James Island Park. It's the biggest and most private site in the park. Nancy got it because she made reservations way ahead of time and asked for the specific spot. Now let's see if blogger will botch the rest of the blog.
This is from the back end
This is from the front--see how long it is and no neighbors!
I wanted this one in because you can see a little of Susie and Me Sitting at the picnic table.

Dargone it, blogger did it, again (third time it blew off my post). So quickly, after setting up she and Susie decided to grab a bite to eat at the Kickin' Chicken, then take a quick ride to Folly Beach. They said it tasted good (I stayed in the truck and napped). It must be spring break because there were a lot of young people having fun in the village at Folly Beach. Now, I saved the last two pictures for last. This owl is right as we turn into the campground. He winks. See?

Well that's it for tonight. I don't know why blogger has made this such a hassle, tonight.


  1. Well glad you're on the road and hiss on your blog malfunctions! awfully aggravating for sure. Kickin' Chicken sounds like something would have liked tremendously before giving up meat ~ especially good ol friend meat... sigh

    great owl!

  2. So glad you guys finally got on the road. I love your site. So nice and private. Some days I hate, just hate blogger. Have a good night's sleep.

  3. Jack I am so glad you guts are back out traveling. Tell Nancy to try livewriter. It is SO much easier and friendlier. You can do the whole post off line and then publish it to blogger. I used to hate blogger too and now I have no problems. Really great looking site. Have fun.

  4. This is why I started using Live Writer a long time ago. I had too many of those times when the entire blog post would disappear, and I'd have to start over. You may wish to give it a try.

  5. Sorry to hear that you're having technical problems with Blogger, Jack. I know it's hard enough to type those blog posts with your paws, but when you have other problems too, that's almost too much. So happy that you finally worked through it. Glad to see you and Nancy on the road. Nice spot there, alright. Real nice to see that photo with you at the picnic table.

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  7. When we get home, I am going to see about switching over from Blogger. Unless it's changed, and I have to look, there was no version of Livewriter for Mac. I did try Blogo when I first started blogging--didn't know enough about it and I stopped. I could write off line, then, too. Thank you all for your suggestions and for stopping by.

    1. Last time I heard there was no Livewriter for the Mac which is a main reason I haven't thrown Bill Gates out the window. But of course Livewriter is a microsoft program and Bill doesn't like Apple and I think they don't like him. I want to see good grief boys, play nicely together and share. Wonder what they were like as kids!


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