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Mar 19, 2014

Hello, Sun!

While we have enjoyed our time in Charleston, the rain was getting "old". Today Nancy told Susan, after she took me for a very long walk, that she should go into the city and do her "thing" (shopping for the most part). First we took a ride to Folly Beach. They are putting a pipeline in on part of the beach. There was all kinds of equipment, and an oil rig way out in the distance.

Nancy and I laid back and watched a movie when we got back to the trailer, took a couple of short walks, and napped. The sun came out shortly after Susan got home. It seemed like months since we had seen it.

Nancy and I did fine in the trailer when we went west for 6 months, but it's just not big enough for two people and me, especially trying to dry things, get sand out, and really just have room to move around. We make do, but not having the outdoors to use makes it difficult. At least then I can people watch and Nancy can sit with me and read a book. All was not lost, though because I got to go on another walk and to the fishing pier.

Tonight, Nancy and Susie went back to "The Brick House" for dinner. They highly recommend it. If you ever stay at James Island, it's just a couple of miles up toward Folly Beach on the right. The food is exceptional, and the house is charming. Put together, cleverly, Nancy told me, with things probably from flea markets and goodwill stores. This is the first time she ever took a picture of a plate of food--she was going to take one of mine, but it doesn't look very appetizing (Ah, that's a dog's life). Susan had a lovely looking salad--Nancy said she didn't think to take a picture until she was half through. Nancy had she crab soup and crab cakes with grilled sweet potatoes.
Half Finished Salad

View from our table. We think it must have been the Parlor when it was a house and maybe the other room was a music room.
Delicious Crab Cakes and Grilled Sweet Potatoes
After dinner we headed back to our campsite, then over to the fishing pier. Last year Nancy got beautiful pictures. We weren't as lucky with the sunset this time. The mosquitoes were ready for a feast! I played around with Susie. Nancy took movies of us--she said it was a good thing no one was fishing because I scared all the fish away with my big mouth! I was just having fun.

I think Mr. Dixon might enjoy fishing here except for the mosquitoes!

There's something very peaceful about the marshes in the low country.

I think Ms. Sherry and Mr. David would be paddling here.

My Susie


  1. Replies
    1. It really was delightful, and you really couldn't beat the food. Reasonably priced. Thanks for stopping by Paul and Marsha.

  2. Jack you are SO right about us loving to paddle there. Your pictures make me want to launch my kayak. Glad to hear the sun may be showing itself so you guys can get out and enjoy "camping". I can see that you really do love "your Suzie" and she loves you.

    1. Yes, Ms. Sherry, I'm a lucky guy. I have more love than I know what to do with sometimes! One thing is for sure, you see a lot more wild life than we do. :) I could just picture you paddling and even at the beach, today. Last year we saw dolphins off the fishing dock--you could have paddled with the dolphins!

  3. Jack, Jim used to do a lot of fishing in North Carolina and he always talked about the size of the mosquitoes. But the fish made up for it. Hope the sun stays out so you guys can get out of the trailer and enjoy yourselves watching people and reading. You sure are a good looking guy.

    1. It's funny, there were no bugs out, today. When we were sitting outside Nancy did have the Thermocell on, but still...There may have been more down by the dock, but we got back after sunset so I don't know. I think they do a lot of crabbing on that dock, too, and we crossed the inter-coastal waterway, today, too. Mr. Jim could take his boat there.


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